Read Live User Guide

Counting Errors

During all story timings (for placement, cold and hot timings, and practices), follow these guidelines for counting errors. If the student says an incorrect word, do not say the correct word unless the student stops and is unable to continue. Wait three seconds before supplying a word to a student stopped on a word.

Count the following as errors:

  • Mispronunciations and dropped endings
  • Words out of sequence or transpositions (count each word read out of order as an error)
  • Omissions
  • Words supplied by teachers
  • Substitutions with synonyms

Repeated errors (including proper nouns) are counted each time a student commits the error.

Do not count the following as errors:

  • Mispronunciations due to dialect or speech problems
  • Insertions (or repeating a word read correctly)
  • Self-corrections

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