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Read Naturally Live–Español: Creating Student Level Reports

The student level reports are a series of reports that, together, describe a student’s progress in all aspects of a particular level of Read Naturally Live–Español. The student level reports enable you to spot trends in different measures of fluency and comprehension. The reports include:

  • Level Summary reporta tabular summary of results for each story a student has passed at a given Read Naturally Live level, including cold- and hot-timing results, number of practices, quiz results, and more.
  • Fluency Graph—a bar chart displaying a selected student's cold- and hot-timing scores for all stories passed in a specified series and level.
  • Comprehension Graph—a graph showing the quiz questions a selected student answered correctly on the first try for each story in a specified level. Quiz results are reported by question type and story.
  • Retell Graph—a graph showing the number of words a selected student used to retell each completed story on the first try and whether or not the student met the teacher's expectations on the first try.

Staff members in the Teacher role can create student level reports for students for whom they are the lead teacher. Account Administrators and School Coordinators can create reports for any student, regardless of the student's lead teacher.

To create student level reports:

  1. Log in to the Staff Member Module.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Reports.
  3. Click the Read Naturally Live–Español Reports tile.
  4. Click Read Naturally Live–Español Student Level Reports (Recent) to include as many as three recent levels for each student in the report.
    - or - 
    Click Read Naturally Live–Español Student Level Reports (Archived) to generate a report for a single level for a single student.
  5. Choose the students for whom you need a report:
    • On the Student Level Reports (Archived) page, click the Generate button for the student whose report you want to generate.  
    • On the Student Level Reports (Recent) page, use column filters and the Search by Group menu to narrow the list of students displayed. Then select the student(s) on whom you would like to report by checking the box next to the name(s), and click the Generate Reports for Selected button. 
  6. Choose the reports you want to generate. You can include any combination of the reports listed above.
    Note that the Retell Graph / Word List Graph option depends on whether a Phonics level has been selected. Word List Graphs are included for phonics levels, and Retell Graphs are included for others.
  7. Under Level, select the level(s) on which you want to report.
    • On the Student Level Report (Archived) page, choose the level you want to report on for the student.
    • On the Student Level Report (Recent) page, you can choose the number of levels on which to report for multiple students. The default setting generates a report for each student's most recent level. You can also choose to include two or three most recent levels for each student.
  8. Click Generate Reports
  9. To print the report, click the Print button. 


  • A student's lead teacher should be the staff member who makes educational decisions in Read Naturally Live for that student. Lead teachers are assigned whenever students are given a Read Naturally Live license.

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