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Ranks on Word List exercises

On Word Warm-ups Live Word List exercises, students receive ranks to describe the rate at which they read the word list. The ranks help to motivate students to engage with the word lists and increase their reading rate.

Ranks appear in the Pass/Word List Graph step, and also appear alongside the badges on the Congratulations page at the end of each exercise.

Rank images:
Based on the student's words correct per minute (wcpm) reading rate from the Pass / Word List attempt, each attempt is given a rank by the application. Ranks are as follows:

  • 0-14 wcpm: Warming up
  • 15-20 wcpm: One Star
  • 21-25 wcpm: Two Stars
  • 26-32 wcpm: Three Stars
  • 33-39 wcpm: Four Stars
  • 40-49 wcpm: Shooting Star!
  • 50-54 wcpm: Five Stars
  • 55-59 wcpm: Six Stars
  • 60-64 wcpm: Seven Stars
  • 65-69 wcpm: Eight Stars
  • 70-74 wcpm: Nine Stars
  • 75-79 wcpm: Ten Stars
  • 80+ wcpm: Superstar!

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