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Completing the Crossword Puzzle

When all stories in a book are completed, the crossword puzzle for that book is enabled. The crossword contains words and clues based on stories in the book. Readers can leave or return to the crossword puzzle while it is in progress.

To work a Crossword Puzzle:
  1. Complete all of the stories in a book.
  2. Click the Crossword Puzzle tile on the Select a Story page for that book.
  3. Click a clue, or a space in the crossword, to display the word bank of possible answers. 
  4. To answer the clue, choose a word from the word bank.
  5. When all the correct answers are chosen, click the Next button.

Crossword puzzles can be reset from the Select a Story page. They are also reset whenever an entire book is reset on the elect a Book page.

Points are awarded for correct answers. While attempts are unlimited, points are only awarded for the first or second answer attempts. 

Completed crossword puzzles are described on the Book Summary report.

The format of the reported data is: Clues correct on the first attempt / Total Clues.
A crossword puzzle for which the student correctly guessed 3 of the 8 clues on the first try displays as: 3/8.

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