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Skill Level: Pre-Readers or Beginning Readers
Intervention Range: Kindergarten to Grade 2

Teach the foundational skill of phonemic awareness to small groups of pre-readers or struggling readers with the Funēmics® program. Students gain awareness of words, syllables, rhyming, phonemes, and phoneme manipulation using a research-based, scripted curriculum in convenient, spiral-bound lesson guides that correspond to interactive exercises displayed for students on an iPad® or Macintosh computer. Since Funēmics is pre-grapheme, it offers both developmentally appropriate instruction for early learners and easy alignment with any reading curriculum when used as an intervention for struggling readers.

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National Parenting Center Seal of ApprovalFunēmics provides...

  • Instruction to meet all the Phonological Awareness Common Core State Standards.
  • A systematic intervention perfect for pre- or developing readers.
  • Carefully designed instruction based on research.
  • 59 ready-made lessons in convenient, spiral-bound lesson guides, easily taught by a teacher or teacher assistant in 15-20 minutes a day.
  • Pre- and post-tests for recording individual progress.
  • Student lessons displayed on one iPad or Macintosh computer, increasing opportunities for peer modeling.
  • Letters are not taught or used, allowing this program to be used with any reading curriculum.


  • Recognize and count words in a spoken sentence or phrase.
  • Recognize and produce rhyming words.
  • Count, pronounce, blend, and segment syllables in spoken words.
  • Blend and segment onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words.
  • Isolate and pronounce the initial, medial vowel, and final sounds (phonemes) in three-phoneme words.
  • Add or substitute individual sounds (phonemes) in simple, one-syllable words to make new words.
  • Take turns using interactive widgets on the teacher's iPad in a small group setting.
  • Focus on the sounds of language--there is no instruction in letters.

Funēmics® is a systematic phonemic awareness program that teaches students the six outcomes of phonemic awareness—word recognition, syllable recognition, rhyme recognition and production, and phoneme recognition and manipulation—meeting all of the Phonological Awareness Common Core State Standards. Each lesson builds on skills taught in previous lessons, adding just a few elements at a time. With minimal preparation, teachers or aides present scripted instruction from convenient, spiral-bound lesson guides to small groups of students, and use an interactive ebook with brightly illustrated pages and interactive widgets as a display for students. Funēmics is entirely pre-grapheme.

pointer Research basis for Funēmics

Developmental Teaching Process

In each lesson, the teacher presents featured tasks that build upon one another to reach the specific outcome on the phonemic awareness continuum.

1. Introduction

Often the lessons use a simple rhyme or song to introduce the tasks. If so, the teacher says or sings the rhyme or song, and then helps the students learn it by repeating it or by singing along.

2. Modeling

If the skill is introduced in the lesson, or is still in the early stages of review, the teacher models the tasks before asking students to perform.

3. Practice

Students practice doing the tasks as a group. The practice may include verbal responses, large or small motor activity, or the use of an interactive widget.

4. Repetition

Students practice doing the tasks as a group. The practice may include verbal responses, large or small motor activity, or taking turns using an interactive widget.

5. Correction

Unless otherwise noted, if a student responds incorrectly, the teacher models the appropriate response. After the student repeats the modeled response, the teacher states the directive again, giving the student another chance to respond. Whether the student responds correctly or incorrectly, the teacher continues by saying, “That was really difficult. Let’s do it together now,” and then repeats the directive as the entire group responds in unison.

6. Review

Each lesson ends with a formative assessment to evaluate students' understandings of the material covered in the lesson. For more comprehensive or challenging assessments, the teacher may review all of the material on the formative assessment page with each student individually or use unfamiliar words to review the skills.

7. Extra Practice

As a follow up to the lesson, the teacher provides extra practice throughout the day as suggested in the Lesson Overview.

iPad is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Materials in the Funemics phonemic awareness programFunēmics® has six levels, each with a small, spiral-bound lesson guide and a corresponding interactive display book on a Macintosh computer or iPad. (The iPad is the only tablet that is capable of reading these books.) All levels have the same basic design with strategic differences.

  • Book 1 Word Segmentation with 10 lessons.
  • Book 2 Rhyme Recognition with 10 lessons.
  • Book 3 Syllables with 8 lessons.
  • Book 4 Rhyme Production with 10 lessons
  • Book 5 Phoneme Recognition with 10 lessons.
  • Book 6 Phoneme Recognition and Manipulation with 12 lessons.

pointerFunēmics scope and sequence chart

Funēmics is sold in complete sets of six lesson guides and six display eBooks. Each set includes six lesson guides, six downloadable display books, and a teacher's manual.

Six lesson guides include:
  • Scripts for lessons of increasing difficulty.
  • Teacher tips for teaching each lesson.
  • Correction guides.
  • Multiple activities to support each lesson task.
  • Practice, repetition, and review of each task.
  • Teacher modeling that is eliminated over time.
  • Formative assessments for each lesson.
Six downloadable display books include:
  • Colorful images for each page of a lesson.
  • Interactive activities.
Teacher's Manual includes:
  • Research and rationale for phonemic awareness.
  • Scope and sequence.
  • Correlation to common assessments.
  • Description of teacher responsibilities.
  • Support for introducing the program.
  • Pretests and Post-tests, Books 1–6

iPad Requirements for the Display Books:

Operating System

  • iOS 5.1 or later

Apple iBooks

  • iBooks 3 or later

Disk Space

  • 87 MB for all six books

Macintosh Requirements for the Display Books:

When you use the widgets from a desktop computer, an initial message pops up that states the interactivity may not work with a mouse or touchpad. Ignore this warning.

Operating System

  • Mac OS X 10.9 or later

Apple iBooks

  • iBooks 3 or later

Disk Space

  • 87 MB for all six books

Includes six spiral-bound lesson guides, six downloadable display books for iPad, and a Teacher's Manual.

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From the Review of the Funēmics Program by The National Parenting Center

“Testers were immediately impressed with the comprehensive nature of the system.”
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Customer Reviews

Mar 8, 2016


As a kindergarten specialist, I have been struggling to find a program to support our lowest learners. Although I wish the graphics were a little more enticing, using familiar poems and nursery rhymes make learning fun and easy. The program has built in movement and really works with all learning styles!
This is a must have to support your lowest kindergartners who need structured support in phonemic awareness!


May 19, 2014

I used Funemics in my Title 1 program with Kindergarten students. The phonemic awareness activities were amazing and engaging for my struggling students. I appreciated the daily lessons that provided good modeling, repetition, and practice for my students. The nursery rhymes were engaging and the illustrations were simple and fun. Funemics is a program that is easy to implement with any curriculum to add to the phonemic awareness activities.

Apr 11, 2014

My son and I were part of an early pilot group for this curriculum. We are a homeschooling family and this curriculum fit perfectly for us! It was engaging and a good foundation for reading for my son. There was a script that was helpful for me and minimal preparation needed! We loved it!

Apr 3, 2014

Our Title I program is in the fourth year of using the Funemics program. We were fortunate that we were able to pilot the program and provide feedback to the authors and editors. For quite some time we had been looking for a high quality phonemic awareness curriculum to use with our struggling kindergarten students. The six different Funemics books provided us with exactly what was needed to teach our students these important skills. The pre and post tests were helpful in targeting our instruction and insuring that our students mastered the concepts that we were teaching. The daily lessons provided modeling, practice, repetition and assessment, centered around fun and familiar nursery rhymes. It was extremely easy to implement and our students looked forward to the lessons.

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