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Importing Student Data

Importing student data enables you to add or update many students using data exported from a student management system. Imports are scheduled and run during off-peak hours. Each import includes students from a single school. Only staff members in Account Administrator or School Coordinator roles can import student data. 

To schedule an import of student data:

  1. Open the following document to view directions and guidelines for formatting the data to import:
    pointer Importing Student Data (pdf)
  2. Export student data for a single school from your student management system.
  3. Edit the student data file so that it conforms to Read Live's requirements.
  4. Log in to the Read Live Staff Member Module.
  5. From the navigation menu, select Student Administration.
  6. On the Student Administration page, click Student Import
  7. On the Import Students page, click Browse. 
  8. Select the file to import.
  9. Select the school for the students you want to import, and click Next.
  10. On the Verify Import Records page, do one of the following:
    • If errors are detected, you must fix them before you can import the file. Hover over a highlighted cell to see the error for that cell, or click Print Error Log to get a complete list of errors in the file. Then cancel the import, address the errors, and try again.
    • If no errors are detected, verify that the data you are about to import is accurate. Then click Next.
  11. If some or all of the students in your file already exist in your account, you will be asked how to handle the duplicate students. In the list of duplicate students, cells are highlighted if the value in the file does not match the existing value in Read Live. Hover over a highlighted cell to see the corresponding value from the database. After checking the differences, either:
    • Choose Update existing students to change the existing students’ schools, student IDs, grades, passwords, and contact information to match the import file.
    • Choose Do Not Import to leave the existing students unchanged.
  12. Click Next and then confirm that you want to import the file. 
  13. Click OK to confirm that your import has been scheduled. You will receive an email when the import is complete.


  • Each imported student’s status is set to Active.
  • Each imported student’s school is set to the school selected at the start of the import. To add students for more than one school in your account, you need to import a separate file for each school.
  • If a student's data is updated to a new school as the result of an import, that student's license and lead teacher will be removed. For the student to continue working in Read Naturally Live, it will be necessary to assign a new license and lead teacher to that student.
  • The homeroom for imported students is typically set to Unassigned. For updated students who are not changing schools, the homeroom remains unchanged.

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