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Completing the Introduction step for each section

Before a student begins choosing exercises to work on, the Introduction step provides an interactive set of audio lessons about the phonics patterns in each section. Students must hear all the lessons on the page before moving to the Select an Exercise step.

To complete the Introduction step:

  1. As the student begins a new section, she opens the Introduction page.
  2. Listen to a phonics lesson as the page opens. The lesson describes phonics patterns in the new section.
    Note: If necessary, a user can use the stop and play controls next to the step name on this page to interrupt the lesson audio. If the lesson is stopped, choosing the play control will play it again from the beginning.
    When the lesson is done, the words on the page become enabled, allowing the student to click on them.
  3. Click any word on the page. Students can click the words in any order.
    As each word is clicked, a window opens with an image highlighting the phonetics of the word.  
  4. Listen to a short lesson about the phonetics of the word.
    When the lesson is over, the word's window closes. A star appears over the corner of the word.
  5. Click another word.
    Continue clicking words, in any order, until the lessons have played for all words on the page.
  6. When all of the lessons have been played, the Next button becomes enabled.
    Click Next to continue to the Select an Exercise step.

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