Read Live Virtual Seminar

Read Live Virtual Seminar

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Connect virtually with a Read Live expert for personalized professional development. This three-part virtual seminar series provides comprehensive training to help you get the most from Read Live. Virtual seminars include an overview of the Read Naturally Strategy, demonstration of both the staff module and the student experience, implementation tips, data analysis strategies, dedicated Q&A time, and more!

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Three-Part Virtual Seminar — $1,200

Note: Each session is 60-90 minutes long. There is no limit on the number of attendees. This virtual training does not include a hands-on component. Sessions consist of demonstration, lecture, and Q&A.

  1. Overview of the Read Naturally Strategy, Program Setup, & Student Placement:
    The initial session covers an overview of the strategy, a demonstration of the setup process in the staff member module, and initial student placement in each Read Live program.
  2. Working Through the Steps & Implementation Guide for Read Live Programs:
    The second session includes a demonstration of the steps for each of the Read Live programs and provides important, practical tips for successful implementation.
  3. Read Naturally Live Data Analysis plus Question & Answer Session:
    The final segment is a coaching session that occurs about one month after initial implementation. The instructor demonstrates how to analyze student data, explains the most common mistakes, and shows how to identify problems using the reports. This is the most interactive of the three sessions and includes ample Q&A time.

This schedule is our recommendation and works well in most cases. Alternative options can be arranged based on your unique needs and implementation plans. Contact us to learn more and request a quote.

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