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Conducting a One-Minute Timing

Follow the same steps to conduct a one-minute timing when placing students and during hot timings.

  1. Sit next to the student so that you can both see the story on the screen.
  2. Explain the purpose of the timing in terms the student can understand.
  3. Read the title of the story to the student.
  4. Tell the student to click Start Timing when he or she is ready to begin reading.
  5. As the student reads, count his or her errors.
  6. If the bell sounds, tell the student to stop reading and click on the last word he or she read. If the student finishes before the bell sounds, he or she should click Finished.
  7. Enter the number of words the student missed. (If this is a hot timing, you also need to enter an expression score for the student.)
  8. Click Next.

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