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Pass Step Overview

The Pass step includes these tasks:

  1. Students practice reading the story and answer Wordtastic questions while waiting for the teacher to conduct the hot timing.
    pointer Waiting for the Teacher
  2. The teacher conducts the hot timing with the student. The teacher needs to stay with the student during the Pass step until the student has moved past the “teacher required” screens.
    pointer Conducting a Hot Timing
  3. The teacher corrects the student's quiz.
    pointer Correcting the Quiz
  4. The teacher evaluates the student's work on the Retell step. Or, if the student is using the Phonics series, the teacher conducts a word-list pass timing.
    pointer Correcting the Retelling
    pointer Conducting the Phonics Word-List Pass Timing
  5. The teacher reviews the student's work and then, if necessary, selects remedial actions.
    pointer Reviewing Student Work
    pointer Options for Students Who Do Not Pass

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