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Completing the Read Alone Step

The Read Alone step asks students to read the story until they are happy with their score. In this step, students get the opportunity to master the text. By default, they are required to read at least once. However, they are awarded points for every practice.

When a student is happy with their score, they can click Next to save their latest score as their hot timing and continue.
To complete a Read Alone attempt:

  1. Before starting the timing, the student can click the highlighted vocabulary words to see and hear their definitions. 
  2. Click Start Timing.
  3. The student reads the story and clicks on any words that are difficult.
    The student can click Cancel Timing at any point to stop the timing.
  4. A timing can end if:
    • the bell sounds, and the student clicks the last word read; or
    • the student completes the story before the bell sounds and clicks Finished.
  5. After the student finishes each Read Alone timing, he or she can click Start Timing to read again or click Next to continue with the next step.

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