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Conducting Hot Timings with Remote Students Using Login As

Distance learning students working in Read Naturally Live from home still need teachers to conduct hot timings at the end of a story.

Teachers can use the Login As feature, available in the Staff Module, to open a session as a specific student. Then it is possible to either conduct the hot timing over a screen sharing session on the internet, or conduct the hot timing using a recording sent by the student.

Using the Login As Feature:
To log in as a specific student, use the Login As feature in the Staff Member Module.

  1. Go to the Read Live home page, and log into the Read Live Staff Module using your own Account ID, User ID, and password.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Read Naturally Live.
  3. Find the student for whom you need to log in.
  4. In the Login As column, click the Login button for that student.
  5. The application will open a new browser tab in which you are logged in as the selected student. 

Conducting Hot Timings With Screen Sharing Software:
Once a teacher has used Login As to open a student session, screen sharing software can be used to conduct a hot timing.

  1. Open a student session as described under Using the Login As Feature.
  2. Begin an online meeting or screen sharing session with the student over the internet.
  3. Share the browser screen with the student session you opened using Login As.
  4. Click the Conduct Pass Activity button at the top of the page in the student session. 
  5. Log in using your staff member credentials.
  6. Using the controls on the page, conduct the hot timing while listening to the student read the story from your shared screen.
  7. When the timing is over, use the Number of missed words and Expression score controls to complete the timing as usual.

Conducting Hot Timings Using Recordings:
If a student has recorded a story reading and sent it to you, you can use the Login As feature to grade the recording as a hot timing. 

  1. Open a student session as described under Using the Login As Feature.
  2. In the student session, click the Conduct Pass Activity button at the top of the page. 
  3. Log in using your staff member credentials.
  4. Click the Start Timing button.
  5. Play the student's recording. 
  6. Listen to the student's reading, keeping track of errors. 
  7. When the reading is over, use the Number of missed words control to record the error count.
  8. Choose the student's Expression score.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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