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Completing the Spelling Step

The Spelling step in each Read Naturally Live Phonics series story asks the student to correctly spell three words related to the story.

The student is asked to spell one word at a time. Students click the audio icon to hear each word once, along with a sentence using the word. After attempting the spelling once based on the audio, the students click Show Me to check the original spelling try against the correct spelling of the word. After making any corrections, students click Check to verify their attempt against the correct spelling.

Each time a student clicks Check, one of three possible results appears to the right of the button:

  • A Star indicates that the student's initial spelling try, when she had only heard the word, was correct and that she did not change the spelling.
  • A green Checkmark indicates that her initial try, based on the audio of the word, was wrong, but that she corrected the word successfully after seeing the correct spelling above it. 
  • A red X mark indicates that the spelling was still incorrect when the student clicked Check, so the student needs to try again.

To complete the Spelling step of a Read Naturally Live Phonics story:

  1. Click Next from the Word List step.
  2. Click the audio icon to hear the spelling word, along with a sentence using the word.
    A student can click the audio icon to hear the word pronounced again at any time.
  3. In the blank text field, type the word based on the audio example.
  4. Click the Show Me button.
    The correct spelling of the word appears in blue directly above the student's attempt.
  5. Type any corrections by comparing the attempt to the correct spelling above it.
  6. Click the Check button.
    A feedback icon appears to the right, as described above.
  7. If a red X appeared, meaning the spelling is still incorrect, continue typing any corrections and clicking Check until the spelling is right.
    When a star or a green X appears to the right of the Check button, Next is enabled on the bottom of the screen.
  8. Click Next when the word has been spelled correctly. 
    The application moves to the next word. After three words, it moves to the next step.


  • Reporting about the Spelling step looks for a student to spell the word correctly on their first try, before clicking Show Me, and then not change the spelling before clicking Check.
    If a student receives a 2/3 on the Spelling step, that means she spelled two of the three words correctly after hearing them pronounced, before seeing the correct spelling above the field.
  • After clicking the Check button 4 times for a given word, students can move on to the next word or step even without spelling the word correctly.

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