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Generating Word Warm-ups Level Reports

Word Warm-ups Level Reports allow a teacher to review student performance across all of the exercises in one or more levels. The Student Level Report includes specific information about how a student performed in each exercise. 

To generate Word Warm-ups Level reports:

  1. Log in to the Staff Member Module.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Reports.
  3. Click Word Warm-ups Live Reports.
  4. Click Student Level Reports.
  5. On the Student Word Warm-ups Level Reports page, use column filters and the Search by Group menu to narrow the list of students displayed.
  6. Use the checkboxes on the left side of the page to choose students for whom you want to see the report.
  7. Click the Generate Reports for Selected button above the grid. A dialog opens asking how many levels of reporting data you need.
  8. Choose how many levels of recent performance to review for all of the students you selected.
  9. Click the Generate Reports button. 


  • A separate Word Warm-ups Level Report opens for each student for each level included in the report. For example, if you chose to see two levels of recent performance for a single student, the report will include a separate page for each of those levels.
  • The report shows student performance from the most recent work to the least recent work. The most recent exercises a student worked in appear at the top of the report's table, and the least recent work appears at the bottom.
  • The report shows all of the exercises in any section in which a student has worked. For example, if a student has finished two exercises in a section, but there are three more to do, the report shows the incomplete exercises too. This allows you to review the student's progress through the full context of the Word Warm-ups Live curriculum.

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