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Troubleshooting Placement

During the placement test, a level is considered a match for a student if the number of words the student read correctly falls within the range listed in the Placement Range table. The abbreviation "wcpm" stands for words correct per minute.

Placement Range

Placement Testing Level Scores in This Range Indicate a Potential Fit
1.0 to 3.0 30 to 60 wcpm
3.5 to 5.0 60 to 80 wcpm
5.6 to 7.0 80 to 100 wcpm
8.0 100 to 140 wcpm

During placement, if a student does not fit in a given level, continue testing the student. If the student does not fit in any of the levels tested or fits in more than one level, you need to decide how to proceed. The following information gives you options for how to continue if the student's score fits in either multiple levels or no levels, or if the score is below level 1.0 or above level 8.0.

If the Student's Score Fits in Multiple Levels or Does Not Fit in Any Levels

Use your knowledge of the student's strengths and needs based on the student's age, background knowledge, and motivation to select a series, level, and goal.

If the Student's Score Is Below Level 1.0

If the student can recognize at least 50 written words and knows most beginning sounds, he or she can work in level 0.8 or 1.0.

If the student cannot recognize at least 50 written words and/or does not know most beginning sounds, the student is not ready to work in this program.

If the Student's Score Is Above Level 8.0

This program does not offer stories above this level.

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