Licensing Students in Read Naturally Live

To work in Read Naturally Live, each student must be assigned a license and a lead teacher. In Read Naturally Live, a student's lead teacher makes educational decisions for the student. 


  • Staff members in the Account Administrator, School Coordinator, or Teacher roles can assign licenses and lead teachers to students.
  • A student's lead teacher is responsible for placing the student; adjusting the student's series, level, or goal; and accessing the student's reports.
    • Users in the Teacher role can only perform these tasks if they are a student's lead teacher.
    • Account Administrators and School Coordinators can perform these tasks for any student.

How to

  1. On the Student Setup page, click the last name of a student. 

  2. In the License area, open the License this student? menu and select Yes.
  3. Open the Lead Teacher menu and select a lead teacher from the list.
  4. Click Save & Close

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