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Read Live: Changing a program teacher/reassigning a license


Sometimes you may want to change a student’s program teacher (the teacher who holds the license for the student).  Or you may have a student who is leaving Read Naturally Live, and you want to give that student’s license to another student (who may be in another teacher’s class).

In either of these cases, you can reassign the license by first removing the original license assignment from the student. Then you can assign the license to a different student or redistribute the license to another teacher.

The abilities to remove student licenses, assign licenses, and change the number of licenses distributed to a particular teacher depends on your role in Read Live.  Account Administrators, School Administrators, and staff members in a data entry role can complete all of these tasks on behalf of any staff member.  Teachers can add and remove their own student licenses, but they can’t add or remove licenses for other staff members, and they can’t change the number of licenses they hold.

To reassign student licenses:
  1. Remove the original licenses from one or more students:
    1. Click the Licensing tab, and then click the Assign to Students link.
    2. Select the school and program teacher who holds the licenses you want to remove.
    3. Clear the license checkbox for that teacher's students and click Save. The student's data will remain intact, and you can license that student again (for example, if you want to give the student a different program teacher).
  2. If necessary, change the number of licenses held by each teacher:
    1. Click the Distribute to Staff Members link, and select a school.
    2. Adjust the number of licenses held by each staff member as necessary, and click Save.
  3. Click the Assign to Students link again, select the school and program teacher, and check the boxes to give licenses back to the students or to new students. Click Save when finished.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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