Entering the Series, Level and Goal

For students who have previously worked in Read Naturally Strategy programs, you can transfer their current series, levels and goals without retesting.


  • Teachers can enter a series, level, and goal for the students for whom they are the lead teacher.
  • Account Administrators and School Administrators can enter a series, level, and goal for any student.

Editing a Student's Series, Level, or Goal in the Staff Module:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Read Naturally Live.

  2. Scroll to the right to see the Assignment column.
  3. In the Assignment column for the student, click Edit.
  4. On the Change Series, Level or Goal page, enter the information for the student.
    If the student is in a Read Naturally Live Phonics series level, both the Story Goal and the Word List Goal can be changed on this page.
  5. Click Save & Close.

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