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Webinar Video: Using Read Live in a distance-learning model (7248 Views)
Learn how to adapt Read Naturally Live for distance learning so teachers, learners, and parents can take advantage of this online resource outside the classroom.
Webinar Video: Read Live: Distance-learning features (746 Views)
Learn about new distance learning features now included with Read Live, and how to effectively incorporate them into instruction and student support.
Webinar Video: Read Live's school-to-home connection (549 Views)
With distance-learning requirements, parents can become partners in their students’ Read Naturally instruction so students can continue improving their reading proficiency.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live: Analyzing data in a distance-learning model (303 Views)
This webinar helps teachers find key metrics within the Read Live reports and make adjustments to enable maximum student gains in a distance-learning model.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live: Demo for distance-learning (1720 Views)
This webinar gives new users an overview of the steps of Read Naturally Live and provides tips for success when implementing it in a distance-learning model.
Webinar Video: Read Live basics (13456 Views)
Refresh your understanding of Read Live, our research-based reading intervention program, and learn how to use it most effectively with your students.
Webinar Video: Introduction to Word Warm-ups Live (638 Views)
This webinar gives an overview and demonstration of Word Warm-ups Live, a new component of Read Live that helps students build mastery and automaticity in phonics and decoding.
Webinar Video: Word Warm-ups Live basics (1076 Views)
With Word Warm-ups Live, students develop automatic word recognition skills through systematic phonics instruction and multiple opportunities to decode and encode words.
Webinar Video: Introducing Read Naturally Live—Español (132 Views)
This webinar discusses the rationale behind Read Naturally Live—Español, explains the educational settings where it can be implemented, describes which students will benefit, and provides a demo of the program.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live: Placing students (595 Views)
Correct placement is crucial to a student’s success in Read Naturally Live. Watch this webinar to learn how to select a level of material, series, and goal rate that challenges the student without being discouraging.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live: Checking initial placement (4565 Views)
Learn how to accelerate a Read Naturally Live student's achievement by checking initial placement after the first three to six stories.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live: Beyond the basics (2133 Views)
Learn how you can you can use Read Naturally Live data to monitor students’ performance and make instructional decisions that maximize their progress.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live—Beyond the basics: comprehension (875 Views)
Learn how to differentiate instruction for specific students and teach them to answer the various types of questions to maximize their progress in comprehension.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live—Beyond the basics: vocabulary (471 Views)
Learn how Read Naturally Live promotes vocabulary development, how to differentiate instruction, strategies for answering vocabulary questions, and tips for developing vocabulary.
How To :: Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live tips and features (500 Views)
Watch demonstrations of useful Read Naturally Live features, settings, and tips: customizing read-alongs, features for ELL learners, importing and exporting, and more.
Webinar Video: Back to school with Read Live (1180 Views)
For educators who have used Read Live before, this webinar gives an overview of the account maintenance you need to perform at the beginning of a new school year.
Webinar Video: Read Naturally Live: Keeping students challenged (436 Views)
Learn how to interpret the data in Read Naturally Live so you can monitor students’ performance and make instructional decisions to maximize their progress.
Webinar Video: How Birch Elementary achieved success with Read Live (5 Views)
Elementary Administrator Kim Whaley shares how her experience with Read Naturally Live changed from question and doubt to relief and trust in her quest to improve students' reading proficiency.
Webinar Video: Dr. Jan Hasbrouck: Conquering dyslexia (1116 Views)
Dyslexia affects millions of readers. Literacy expert Dr. Jan Hasbrouck reviews what we know about this reading disability with the goal of helping students with dyslexia reach their full potential.
Webinar Video: Dyslexia and Read Naturally: Q&A with Cory Stai (125 Views)
Cory Stai, Read Naturally Director of Research and Partnership Development, gives a presentation on using Read Naturally programs to teach students with dyslexia.

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