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Read Naturally Live: Conducting a one-minute timing


To conduct a one-minute timing in Read Naturally Live stories:
  1. Sit next to the student so that you can both see the story on the screen.
  2. Click either Conduct Cold Timing (Conducir Primer Intento in Read Naturally Live—Español) for a cold timing, if students are required to have an adult present, or Conduct Pass Activities (Conducir Aprobación) for a hot timing.
  3. Log in by entering your user ID and password and clicking Log In. For security purposes, never share your user ID and password with students.
  4. Tell the student to click Start Timing (Iniciar) when he or she is ready to begin reading.
  5. As the student reads, count his or her errors:  For a cold timing, have the student click on words he or she missed. For the hot timing, count the words the student missed.
  6. If the bell sounds, tell the student to stop reading and to click on the last word read. If the student finishes before the bell sounds, tell the student to click Finished (Terminado).
  7. For a hot timing, enter the number of words the student missed and an expression score; click the icon next to the expression box to see the rating scale.
  8. Click Next (Siguiente).
Counting errors

During timings, follow these guidelines for counting errors:

  • If the student says an incorrect word, do not say the correct word unless the student stops and is unable to continue.
  • Wait three seconds before supplying a word to a student stopped on a word.
Count the following as errors:
  • Mispronunciations and dropped endings
  • Words out of sequence or transpositions (count each word read out of order as an error)
  • Omissions
  • Words supplied by the adult conducting the timing
  • Substitutions with synonyms
  • Repeated errors (including proper nouns) are counted each time
Do not count the following as errors:
  • Mispronunciations due to dialect or speech problems
  • Insertions (or repeating a word read correctly)
  • Self-corrections

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