In an effort to give you more of the content you want moving forward, we decided to take a look back. We wanted to know which blog posts resonated most with our customers this year. Here are the ten most popular posts from the past year:

10: Teaching the Comprehension Questions. This post shares a teacher’s lesson plans for instructing students on each type of comprehension question. It links to a PDF of the detailed lesson plans—a great resource for any Read Naturally educator.

9: Introducing the Word Nerd Collection: High-Frequency Word Fun for Students of All Ages! This post introduces the Word Nerd card games, released this past November. These games have been a big hit with educators looking for a fun way to teach high-frequency words. (Note: Word Nerds Card Games are no longer available from Read Naturally.)

8: A Big Vocabulary Boost: Just Like Splat. This post introduces our Splat-O-Nym iPad app. Students love to play this exciting game—and they learn thousands of useful vocabulary words to boot.

7: Communicating Day-to-Day Progress. This post offers a free resource for communicating more frequently and celebrating the progress your students make in Read Naturally programs.

6: Your Best Bet for Avoiding the Summer Slide. This post describes how parents can use the One Minute Reader program over the summer. One Minute Reader is a great way to ensure students don’t lose the valuable gains they made during the school year. 

5: Free Resources! The Cliffs Notes Versions of Our Manuals. This post links to our Fidelity Checklists. Fidelity Checklists are an easy way to ensure you’re implementing Read Naturally programs as they’re intended—to maximize success.

4: Four Highly Effective Tools for iPads: Now Available! This post describes our popular iPad-compatible reading solutions: Read Naturally Live, One Minute Reader, Funēmics®, and Splat-O-Nym.

3: The Best Way to Teach Sight Words. This post explains the engaging and effective way in which our GATE (Group And Tutoring Edition) program teaches sight words to small groups of students.

2: Sketching Vocabulary Words. This post explains sketching vocabulary words as a word-learning strategy your students can use on their own. It includes a free template to download and print.

1: Free Automaticity Template: A Valuable Strategy for Building Automaticity in Phonics and Word Recognition. Our top post of the year describes how you can use the Read Naturally Strategy to build automaticity with any high-frequency word list. A free template and graph allow educators to get started right away.

We want RN Bookmark to be a forum in which educators can find support and gain knowledge, and we want to provide content you're eager to read and share. This list tells us that you're excited to hear about new products, and that you love when we provide free resources. Do you have anything to add? What would you like to see more of on our blog?

2014-2015 has been a strong year for RN Bookmark. We’re thankful to each and every one of you, our loyal readers, for your support!