Continue, depart, modify: Which of these words is a synonym for change? Would your students enjoy selecting the correct answer with a simple click? Or would they rather make it splat in a colorful burst on the screen as they earn points and move toward the next level?

Splat-O-Nym, our new iPad app, is a fun and effective way for your students to build vocabulary. Students master synonyms, antonyms, and words-in-context as they learn thousands of useful new words. They have so much fun “splatting” words, accumulating points, and moving from level to level, they often forget that they’re learning!

The idea for Splat-O-Nym arose when we realized we could expand Wordtastic, a popular feature of Read Naturally Live, into a standalone game. Wordtastic presents students with one word and three answer possibilities. Students click on the answer—either a synonym or antonym for the word—and earn points for each item they answer correctly. Splat-O-Nym turns this concept into a fully developed game, complete with a colorful design, exciting graphics, a points-o-meter, and more to keep students engaged for longer periods of time.

The Splat-O-Nym app features four activities: Synonym Splat, Antonym Attack, Context Contest, and Lighting Round.

  • Synonym Splat
    Students tap the correct synonym to make it splat.
  • Antonym Attack
    Students zap a monster with the correct antonym.
  • Context Contest
    Students pick up points lost on earlier incorrect answers by learning words in context.
  • Lightning Round
    Students complete a fast-paced review of items already answered correctly.

Splat-O-Nym works well in any setting and is ideal for both teachers and parents. The app includes 24 levels packed full of questions to challenge students at a variety of reading levels.

The educators who helped develop Splat-O-Nym report that students are highly motivated and making big strides in vocabulary. Our student testers consistently tell us one thing: Splat-O-Nym is a ton of fun!

We’re thrilled to offer this app as an exciting new way to build vocabulary. We think you and your students will be equally delighted. Click here for the Splat-O-Nym webpage, which includes more information about the game.