Our teacher’s manuals are packed full of useful information about how to implement our programs effectively. They’re extraordinarily well researched and include hundreds of helpful suggestions. Have you read them recently? Cover to cover?

Don’t worry if the answer is no. We know how busy teachers are, and we want to make it easy on you to implement our programs with fidelity. That’s why we’ve created Fidelity Checklists. Download as many as you’d like—they’re free on our website!

Think of these checklists as the Cliffs Notes for your manuals. They highlight the most important information for you to consider as you implement our programs. They’re in checklist format so you can keep track of what you’re doing correctly and identify areas that need more attention.

You can use these checklists informally as a self-check to make sure you’re following best practices for a particular curriculum. Or, you can use them more formally by observing a colleague’s program and offering feedback on how to fine-tune implementation. Either way, the value of these checklists is that they point out the most important things to remember as you deliver instruction.

When teachers and reading researchers use our programs as they’re intended, the results are remarkable. If you’re not seeing the results you hope for, chances are good that some minor changes in implementation will make a big difference. Use these checklists to identify the changes you need to make, and consult your manual or give us a call if you need something explained in greater detail.

Click on the links below to access a PDF of each checklist, or download them anytime—for free!—from our Knowledgebase.

Read Naturally Live Fidelity Checklist

Word Warm-ups Live Fidelity Checklist

One Minute Reader Live Fidelity Checklist

Encore Fidelity Checklist

GATE Fidelity Checklist

Word Warm-ups Fidelity Checklist

Take Aim Fidelity Checklist

Signs for Sounds Fidelity Checklist

Funēmics Fidelity Checklist