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Read Naturally® Live

Web-Based/iPad Ready

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  • Fluency
  • Phonics

Additional Support:
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension

Skill Level: Grades 1‒8
Intervention Range: Beginning Reader to Adult

This cloud-based intervention efficiently applies the research-based Read Naturally Strategy to accelerate reading achievement. Visual and auditory prompts guide students through the motivating steps to develop fluency and phonics skills, support comprehension, and improve vocabulary. Track student progress easily and use the data to differentiate instruction with Read Naturally Live. Because the software and data are "in the cloud," there's no server to set up or maintain. Students can access the program from desktop computers, laptops, Chromebooks, or iPads.

Read Naturally Live provides...

  • An interactive reading intervention, often used for RTI implementation.
  • Options to easily differentiate the program to meet individual needs.
  • Motivating informational text for reluctant readers, from first grade to adult.
  • Extensive, computer-generated reports on student progress.
  • Nonfiction reading opportunities as required by Common Core State Standards.
  • Spanish translations for stories in early Sequenced levels.


  • Build fluency and motivation by reading short, nonfiction passages.
  • Increase reading accuracy and expression with audio support.
  • Strengthen comprehension and vocabulary.
  • Develop automaticity in decoding (Phonics levels).
  • Work independently most of the time.
  • Experience success and an improved attitude toward reading.

​Read Naturally Live accelerates reading achievement by combining the research-proven strategies of teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. A student works at his or her own pace in an appropriate level of material. Text and audio guide the student through the steps. The student masters a story by reading along with audio and then practicing the story until he or she can read it fluently and with comprehension. The program automatically tracks student progress.

Read Live Steps

​Read Naturally Live Steps

  1. Select a Story
    The student clicks on the story he or she wants to read. Choosing the story deepens the student’s investment in the material.
  2. Key Words
    In the Sequenced series, the student reads the key words and their definitions while listening to an audio recording. The key words provide definitions that are important to understanding the story. In the Phonics series, the student listens to a phonics lesson and reads words that have the featured phonics patterns.
  3. Prediction
    The student uses the title, picture, and key words to write a prediction of what he or she thinks the story is about. The prediction prepares the student’s mind for reading the story.
  4. Cold Timing
    The teacher may time the student, usually for one minute, as he or she reads the story, or the student may complete this step independently. The student clicks unknown words while reading, and then clicks the last word read during the timing. Read Naturally Live subtracts the unknown words from the total number of words attempted to obtain a cold-timing score and displays it on a graph. This step establishes a baseline for progress monitoring, the component of the Read Naturally Strategy that motivates the student to improve.
  5. Read Along
    The student reads along quietly with a recording of the story, typically three times. This step is the teacher-modeling component of the Read Naturally Strategy, which helps the student learn new words and master others as well as learn proper pronunciation, expression, and phrasing.
  6. Practice
    The student practices reading the story without audio support three to ten times until able to read it accurately, with expression, and at the goal rate. This step is the repeated-reading component of the Read Naturally Strategy, which helps the student improve fluency, master difficult words, and understand the story.
  7. Quiz
    The student answers questions about the story. Responding to the text holds the student accountable for meaning, develops the ability to answer many types of questions, and provides teachers with information about how well the student comprehends the story.
  8. Retell/Word List
    In the Sequenced series, the student retells or summarizes the story to improve comprehension. 
    In the Phonics series, the student works on decoding skills by practicing the word list until able to read it accurately at a predetermined rate.
  9. Pass
    The student reads the story for the teacher to show that he or she can read it at the goal rate, with appropriate expression, and with three or fewer errors. The teacher corrects or reviews the comprehension questions with the student and the retelling of the story (if applicable). 

    In the Phonics series, the student also reads the word list to show that he or she can read it with three or fewer errors at the goal rate. ​A graph shows how much the student’s fluency has improved since the cold timing.

    ​ Additional graphs show results for the comprehension questions, the retelling, and the word lists (if applicable).

Read Naturally Live subscriptions include access to all 19 levels of two series with 24 stories per level. Both series have the same basic design with strategic differences.

  • Sequenced series is the basic series and has 13 levels (1.0 – 8.0).
  • Phonics series adds phonics lessons and activities to the basic design and has 6 levels (0.8 – 2.7).

Read Naturally Live is a subscription program, licensed per student. Teachers can reassign licenses if students leave the program. 

The teacher assigns the appropriate series and level for each student. The student works through the level in the student program, and the teacher manages the student's progress in the teacher program.


Read Naturally Live Story

High-interest, leveled, nonfiction stories include:
  • Key words, clickable vocabulary words, and comprehension activities.
  • Spanish translation of each story in Sequenced levels 1.0 – 4.5.
Extensive audio support includes:
  • Three appropriately paced recordings that model correct pronunciation and expression.
  • Pronunciation of words in stories when clicked.
  • Audio for key words in the Sequenced series and for a phonics lesson in the Phonics series.
  • Clickable vocabulary words with audio-supported, student-friendly definitions.
  • Spanish translation of each story in Sequenced levels 1.0 – 4.5.
  • Auditory signals that indicate if a student's responses to multiple choice items are correct or incorrect.
Structured instructional process includes:
  • Automated steps built around teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring.
  • A wait-time vocabulary-building activity.
Computerized scoring and extensive reports include:
  • Automated correction of multiple-choice questions.
  • Calculation of fluency, phonics, and comprehension scores.
  • Graphs and reports showing student performance.


Read Live Graph

Set up of account for district, building, classroom, staff, and/or students include:
  • Enrolling staff and students.
  • Licensing staff and students.
Management of student programs includes:
  • Placement of each student in a level and series with an appropriate reading-rate goal.
  • Easily customized options for individual students and extensive student reports.
  • Printable stories, reports, parent letters, awards, and completion certificates.
Online Documentation includes:
  • Step-by-step instructions for working in the software and "how to" section on setting up Read Naturally Live.
  • A lesson plan for introducing the program to students.
  • Training videos that explain how to set up the software and work with students in the program.


Free web resources include:
  • Read Live Instant Demo, Read Live Smart Start Guide, and Read Live Online Help.
  • Crossword puzzle for each story.
  • Comparison questions in Sequenced levels 5.0 and above.
  • Fidelity checklist, full-color steps poster, phonics elements list, English and Spanish parent letters, and story title labels.
  • Worksheets for transitioning from Read Naturally SE or ME to Read Naturally Live.
Tech Support includes free:
  • E-mail support and updates.
  • Web support including a knowledgebase.
  • Phone support.

To use Read Live software, your computer must meet the following minimum system requirements:

Operating System Compatibility

  • Windows 7 and higher
  • Mac OS X 10.6 and higher
  • Chrome OS

Browser Compatibility

  • Google Chrome versions 17 and higher (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 5 and higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 9 and higher
  • Apple Safari versions 5.1 and higher (Mac OS only)


Internet Connection

  • 512 Kbps and faster (Dial-up connection is not supported.)

Screen Resolution

  • 1024 by 768 and higher


  • Ability to play audio (headphones preferred)

iPad Requirements

  • Read Naturally Live iPad app
    pointer Download from the  iTunes App Store
  • Read Naturally Live subscription
  • iOS 6 or later (supported on iPad 2 and higher)
  • Internet connection, 512 Kbps or faster
  • Headphones recommended for audio support

Read Naturally Live Instant Demo

Thank you for your interest in evaluating Read Naturally Live, a reading intervention from Read Naturally, and part of the Read Live program.

About the Instant Demo
The Instant Demo enables you to easily experience the core steps of the Read Naturally Live program. Explore how it provides individualized, differentiated instruction for each student as it develops fluency, supports vocabulary, and promotes comprehension and phonics skills. No downloading, installation, setup or licensing is required. Just complete the form below with your contact information, and you’ll receive passwords and instructions for working through the steps of a Read Naturally Live story as a student in any of the following levels:

  • Phonics 1.8
  • Sequenced 2.5
  • Sequenced 6.0

You will have full access to the features of the program within these levels and can experience how your students will use the program. You may run the Instant Demo as many times as you wish.

Note: This demo is not accessible from the Read Naturally Live iPad app. To try the iPad app, you can register for a free 60-day trial. Once you have set up your trial account, your students can access Read Naturally Live from the Read Naturally Live iPad app or from any computer with a compatible web browser.

Register for the Instant Demo
Please complete the form below to gain access to the Read Naturally Live instant demo.
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Read Naturally Live iPad App

Download on the App StoreTeachers set up and manage Read Live using a web browser (see supported web browsers). Students can access the Read Naturally Live curriculum either by using a web browser or by using the free Read Naturally Live app for Apple iPads.

Read Naturally Live Annual Subscriptions

Read Naturally Live has different pricing tiers based on the number of seats purchased. Contact us for custom pricing.

The pricing below reflects the price per seat.

Description Item Number Item Price, $
1-5 seats RL01A $149.00
6-29 seats RL01B $49.83
30-129 seats RL01C $19.97
130+ seats RL01D $15.38

What Customers Say About Read Naturally Live

"We are successfully integrating the Read Live components with our literacy program. Students are highly motivated to apply taught strategies and are truly interested in the range of topics offered. The ability to customize this program allows us to meet the needs of each student."
— Nancy, Classroom Teacher, Exeter, NH

"We serve a large population of second language learners at our school. Because they are all at different fluency levels, it was hard to give them the instruction and attention that they needed. Read Live is the perfect solution. It reaches all learners at their fluency level and allows them to work at their own pace. It truly is a fabulous program."
— Esther, ELL Administrator, Ojai, CA

"I have found Read Naturally to be an excellent intervention for building reading fluency. The levels are well sequenced, interesting, and the non-fiction stories build the students' vocabulary and knowledge. My students are motivated to use it, and they can work for the most part independently, allowing me to work with more students at a time and still be effective. The Read Live version is the best!"
— Barbara H., Special Education Teacher, Missoula, MT

Customer Reviews

Aug 19, 2015


Thanks for everything, Ben! Read Live has made such a difference in the lives of my middle school students who have struggled with reading. We see very good increases in all areas of reading including decoding, reading rate, prosody and comprehension. Test taking skills are supported as well. Best of all the students are really engaged and reading is no longer a dreaded chore while using Read Live. I appreciate your support over the last four years!

Kind regards,

Sheri Schroeder


Aug 13, 2015


This is an excellent resource for teachers. Students find the stories interesting. Students have improved their reading fluency and reading comprehension skills.


Jul 16, 2015


I was an Instructional Assistant at Monterey Road Elementary School for the 2014-2015 school year. I was responsible for helping groups of children who were below standard in improving their reading skills. Our school used the Read Naturally Live Program. We had a classroom converted to a computer lab and it was great! I saw so many children improve their reading ability that it excited me for my own two boys. I think this program is excellent in that it helps them to improve on their reading speed, comprehension and knowledge of words. I hope that this program can also be used for kids who don't necessarily have reading issues but to help them improve on comprehension or just pick up their speed and reading fluency. I'd like to see this program continue to be a regular part of their curriculum.


Jun 14, 2015


very helpful


May 1, 2015


We use Read Live as a fluency intervention piece for our literacy program. Students enjoy the interesting passages. The Live program allows students to easily get right to work and provides activities for students to do while waiting for teacher help. Read Live is a perfect fit for us!


Apr 13, 2015


This program is so easy to get up and running. It is highly motivating with the student choice options, the graphics and the timings. I notice the students really taking ownership of their learning and goals. The Read Along and Read Alone features provide valuable independent practice. I am able to continue with all of my other reading instruction without adding something new that is timely to learn and implement. It also provides good feedback on a weekly basis on what individual comprehension questions need to be addressed. I am very pleased with it.


Apr 11, 2015


Read Naturally is perfect for struggling readers. The material is high interest, so high interest in fact that students don't always want to move to the next level because they want to read the stories on the level they just graduated from! The online program makes it easy for students to do the comprehension questions and fix those they've missed. The vocabulary exercise while waiting for the teacher is also excellent. The most important predictor of whether a student will become a successful reader is the time he spends reading, and this program gives ample time and practice to reading, and the students feel rewarded as they improve their fluency. I highly recommend this program!


Apr 8, 2015


We have used Read Naturally for years and the students love the stories. We just started using Read Live last spring and it has all of the qualities that we love from Read Naturally but it is so much easier.


Apr 8, 2015


I have been using this program for a few months and my students have been making noticeable progress in all areas, especially reading fluency. This is a very motivating program and the progress monitoring is so helpful when discussing with parents and keeping data.


Mar 26, 2015


Read Naturally has been a great learning tool for many of our learners that struggle with reading. Not only has this program increased our learners' fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, but also their confidence! The program is learner driven and lets them choose their own stories. For educators, it is so user friendly. Customer service representatives are always helpful. Thank you so much!!!


Mar 25, 2015


Service was clear and quick. Thanks.


Mar 23, 2015


Excellent service and help.


Mar 6, 2015


I have been using Read Live with my ESL students and THEY LOVE IT! It offers them the opportunity to "read independently". The phonics level is an invaluable tool that is easily adapted for my beginner English language learners.


Mar 5, 2015


My district has had great success with this program at the middle school level for several years. We use RNL as a daily intervention for students scoring below grade level for reading comprehension and fluency. Includes a great selection of nonfiction texts and the stories are interesting for most students. I do wish that most or all stories would include a short video or a better selection of pictures. Some stories, like the story about Ulama and the Northern Lights story, would be much easier to understand if students could see those events in action. Relating text to multimedia sources is also an important part of testing today. Overall a useful program if implemented in small groups with consistency.


Mar 4, 2015

Read Naturally improves students reading scores. Students practice predicting, study vocabulary and do repeated reading to help with fluency. Questions about the passages include literal questions, vocabulary questions, and main idea questions. The stories are all nonfiction and very interesting for the students.

Mar 4, 2015

I think the kids learned a lot and improved their reading fluency. We found it a useful tool.

Mar 4, 2015

The adaptation from the older Read Naturally program to the Read Live program has been done well.
The addition of the independent vocabulary building exercise with synonyms and antonyms is excellent for students and teachers alike.
They are learning and well occupied, and it takes the pressure off teachers who may be busy with another student.
The addition of some international stories, such as the Terry Fox story, is appreciated by your northern neighbors.
And students who have attained their fluency goals can focus on their reading comprehension and written responses much more efficiently as improving answers is easy on a keyboard. Thanks for moving literacy intervention into Twenty first century learning.


Mar 4, 2015

Read Naturally Live provides the added motivation of using technology for our struggling readers. I have been impressed with the ability to customize the program for my students to meet individual needs.

Feb 23, 2015


Joel Olson was fantastic in helping me solve an issue with Read Naturally Live. Thanks!


Feb 20, 2015


Read Live is an excellent program that truly targets fluency through research-based strategies. It is relatively easy to use and is perfect for use with interventions and special education students with fluency goals. Plus, Read Naturally has excellent customer service; I have never had a bad experience with tech support or any other support staff with whom I've worked. The only thing I would say about Read Live is that, sometimes, the comprehension questions get a bit cumbersome at the end to score, and it's overwhelming to go over ALL of the types of questions with the students. You have to choose a few types to focus on at any given time, or it takes a long time to move students from story to story.

Karen McKenna, Read Naturally Director of Curriculum Feb 23, 2015

Samantha, your solution to focus on only a few types of questions is an excellent strategy to help students master comprehension skills and make the Pass step less cumbersome. Another way to develop comprehension and increase efficiency is to use the link to the correct answer (located directly under the student's response) when scoring open-ended questions. In addition, limiting the evaluation of the answer to the quality of comprehension rather than the quality of writing may help the student focus on understanding the story and will improve your efficiency. Thanks for taking the time to review Read Naturally Live.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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