Differentiated Instruction

Differentiating Instruction for Reading

Differentiated Instruction makes student success more likely because students' individual needs are supported. Modifying or supplementing whole-group instruction in a small group setting allows each student to learn at an optimal pace. Research supports differentiated instruction as a best practice in all subjects, and shows that it is especially effective in reading instruction.

pointer White paper: Differentiating Instruction: Teaching Differently to Improve Reading Instruction

Dr. Vicki Gibson states that while the process of providing differentiated instruction may sound relatively simple, successful implementation can be challenging. She also notes that there are many descriptions of differentiated instruction, but there are far fewer resources that provide practical support for making it happen in classrooms.

Read Naturally is an excellent resource for differentiating instruction for reading, because differentiated instruction is inherent in the process for all Read Naturally reading programs and assessments. Additionally, Read Naturally offers high-quality professional development that provides educators with the support they need to implement this practice most effectively.

Read Naturally Intervention Programs: Differentiating Instruction for Reading

Program Features
and Benefits
Read Naturally Strategy Programs Other Interventions
Read Naturally Programs
Provide information on how to differentiate instruction in the teachers’ manuals  
Proven effective with students of all abilities
Offer materials at a range of levels
Designed by educators with differentiated instruction as a goal
Employ research-based strategies and best practices
Individualized, Small
     Group, or Both
In individualized programs, a student...
  • is placed at an appropriate level
  • works toward an individual goal
  • monitors progress
  • works at own pace
In small-group programs, teachers easily adapt instruction based on the needs of the group or the individual students within the group.

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Read Naturally Assessment Tools

Read Naturally also offers assessments ideal for assisting teachers in differentiating instruction:

  • Diagnostic phonics assessments determine skills and needs in phonics and decoding.
  • Progress monitoring assessments track individual progress in fluency.

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Read Naturally Professional Development

Finally, Read Naturally offers high-quality professional development options to support differentiating instruction for all students, including seminars, coaching services, and self-study courses.

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