Adapting Read Live in a Distance-Learning Model


Performing placement remotely


Placement is an important step in determining a student’s initial level and goal in Read Live. To perform placement remotely, you will need a screen-sharing program that will allow you to display the placement screen on the student’s computer. Some options for screen-sharing programs include, but are not limited to: Skype, Google Hangouts, and Zoom.

Contact the student and let them know that you will be working through the placement process with them. Begin placement from the Staff Member module. Then, initiate a screen-sharing session with the student. You may need the parent to assist with this on the home computer. Alternatively, you can mail or email the placement passages to the student’s home. Placement passages can be printed from our web site here:

Have the student read from the chosen passage aloud to you (either the printed or the online text), enter their errors and follow the instructions of the Read Live placement program on your computer. Once placement has concluded, monitor the student’s progress through the first few stories and use the Checking Initial Placement worksheet and instructions to adjust levels and goals as necessary.

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