To help you grow as an educator and make the most of Read Naturally's programs and tools, we offer a range of professional development options. Choose the option or options that best fit your school's needs.

What kinds of professional development will my teachers need to successfully implement the Read Naturally program?

To maximize student results, teachers need TWO kinds of training:

  • Professional development in the Read Naturally strategy
  • Hands-on training in your selected Read Naturally format
    • Read Naturally Live
    • Read Naturally Software Edition (SE)
    • Read Naturally Encore

Why do my teachers need professional development in the Read Naturally strategy, and what are my options?

To maximize student results, all teachers should have training to understand: the Read Naturally strategy, how to place students appropriately, how to implement the program effectively, and how to monitor student performance.

There are several options for providing this professional development:

How will my teachers get the hands-on training for the Read Naturally format we are implementing?

To efficiently implement your selected format of the program, each teacher should complete a hands-on training course (Read Naturally software formats) or carefully follow the explicit directions in the teacher’s manual for setting up student folders (Read Naturally print/CD formats). There is a hands-on component for each format:

Does Read Naturally offer any additional support to help my school/district implement the format we have selected?

Read Live Coaching Services are available for Read Live users who have completed Read Naturally Strategy Training (or the Video Workshop) and the Read Live Hands-On Workbook.

To optimize your results, Read Naturally consultants will provide remote coaching at three critical points during implementation. After reviewing Read Live data, coaching will focus on placement; monitoring student performance; making changes in goal, level or program options; implementing the program with fidelity; deciding when a student is ready to exit the program; and other common areas of concern.

Can I learn more about Read Naturally programs and assessments at conferences?

Yes, Read Naturally presenters give informative presentations at reading and education conferences throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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