Word Warm-ups Studies

Study 2: Word Warm-ups and Read Naturally

During the 2007–2008 school year, students in a fourth grade reading intervention lab participated in a study using a combination of Read Naturally programs:  Word Warm-ups and Read Naturally ME or Take Aim! at Vocabulary. Fall Curriculum-Based Measures (CBM) scores were used as a screening assessment to identify eleven students who had low fluency scores (below 85 wcpm).  These students were further assessed using the Word Warm-ups Student Assessment (to diagnose phonics strengths and weaknesses), the San Diego Quick Assessment (to determine approximate reading level using graded word lists), and the Read Naturally placement passages (to determine placement level and establish a fluency goal).

These students worked in Word Warm-ups 2 and Word Warm-ups 3 in combination with Read Naturally ME (Masters Edition) or Take Aim! at Vocabulary five days per week for 45 minutes daily from September 2007 through May 2008.  Students worked in Word Warm-ups for approximately ten minutes at the beginning of each session and then transitioned to working on Read Naturally ME or Take Aim! at Vocabulary for the remainder of the 45 minute period.

All eleven students were reassessed in fluency using the winter CBM in January, and again using the spring CBM in June.  In addition students were progress monitored weekly throughout the year to monitor growth. The San Diego Quick Assessment and the Word Warm-ups Student Assessment were given in January and June as well.  Students made observable gains in word recognition, phonics skills, and fluency.

When these results are compared to three students who were assessed but not placed in the reading intervention group, the data demonstrates that the interventions were effective in student gains in word recognition, phonics skills, and fluency.

Growth from Fall to Spring

Group No. of Students Grade Average Number of Word Warm-ups Sections Completed Average Graded Word List Growth Average Increase of Correct Items on Word Warm-ups Student Assessment (Phonics Skills) Average Fluency Growth Average Weekly wcpm Increase
Study 11 4 7 sections 1.5 grade levels 11 (29%) 35 wcpm 1.09 words
Control 3 4 0 0.7 grade level 3 (8%) 19 wcpm .6 words

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