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New findings on Read Naturally Live

Nickodem, K. and Dupuis, D. (2017)

Second-Grade Students

Dr. Danielle Dupuis of the University of Minnesota's Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement conducted a study on extant data from Read Naturally Live. The focus of the study was Grade 2. The data showed the Grade 2 students who completed more than 24 stories gained 1.57 Average Weekly Improvement (AWI) Fall to Winter and 1.40 AWI from Fall to Spring. These gains are significant when compared to the typical Grade 2 student’s 1.15 AWI.

Average Weekly Improvement (AWI) for Grade 2 Students Who Completed More Than 24 Stories
Grade Total Number
of Students
Average AWI*
Average AWI*
2 281 1.57 1.40
*Typical AWI for Grade 2 is 1.15

The results of the Grade 2 study provide evidence for the effectiveness of Read Naturally Live. Students who read 24 or more stories from Fall to Spring had statistically significant growth, gaining an average of 1.4 to 1.6 average words gained per week, compared to the 0.6 to 1.2 average words gained per week) that is expected for Grade 2 students.

Descriptive Statistics for AWI by Group and Results of One-Sample T-Tests (Grade 2 Only)
Number of
Stories Read
Mean Standard
Minimum Maximum Number of
t-value p-value
24-35 1.43 0.45 0.30 2.70 52 4.40 0.00*
36 or more 1.64 0.50 0.50 2.60 64 7.57 0.00*
*Results statistically significant

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