Reviews of Read Naturally

FCRR and U of Oregon Give Read Naturally Highest Ratings

Two top reading research organizations — the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR) and the University of Oregon — give their highest marks to the Read Naturally program.

In 2006, the Florida Center for Reading Research gave Read Naturally the highest possible rating for fluency and comprehension (“all aspects taught and/or practiced”). The FCRR reports were intended to be “informational and factual” in order to help teachers and administrators choose classroom materials.

In its report about Read Naturally, the FCRR noted no weaknesses and several strengths, including the following:

  • The teacher’s manual is well-organized with clear objectives linking research with practice, plus detailed information for proper implementation and effective use of the program.
  • Students receive explanations as to why they perform various activities—cold timing, reading along, and practice readings.
  • Progress monitoring drives instructional practice, helps with instructional decisions, and alerts teachers to reading problems.
  • Comprehension questions and the retell step are included with every story, reminding students that their ultimate goal is to understand what they read.
  • Students are instructionally engaged in the act of reading and their time on task is high.
  • Students work in a self-directed manner, freeing the teacher to work with other students. Teacher assistance is required for the pass step.
  • Timed reading and graphs of results can be very motivating for students.

The University of Oregon’s Reading First Curriculum Review gave Read Naturally its highest score — a 92% rating for fluency instruction (22 out of 24 possible points) — in its review of supplemental and intervention curricula.

Read Naturally tied for the sixth highest number of votes among over 100 supplemental and intervention programs evaluated as part of the Oregon Reading First initiative.

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