Summer Activities and Resources to Promote Literacy

Free Printables

The free printable worksheets linked here will make a great packet for kids to work on at home over summer break—or anytime!

Download our Summer Color-Your-Own Bookmarks PDF

Color-Your-Own Summer Bookmarks 

Kids will love to color and decorate these summer-themed bookmarks to make reading even more fun!

pointer Color-Your-Own Summer Bookmarks

Download our Summer Baseball Reading Tracker PDF

Summer Baseball Reading and Writing Tracker

Have kids track their summer reading and writing with this baseball-themed tracker—with special stickers! If they make it all the way around the diamond, they’ve scored a home run!

pointer Summer Baseball Reading Tracker

Download our Summer Word Games PDF

Summer Word Games

See if kids can find all the words in this summer-themed word search. Then, they can use the words to complete a fill-in-the-blank worksheet that's sure to boost vocabulary.

pointer Summer Word Games

Download our Summer Bingo PDF

Summer Bingo

Kids will love to put a summer spin on this classic game! The Bingo cards are an interactive PDF, so you can type in them before you print them. Or, have kids write in them for extra writing practice.

pointer Summer Bingo Instructions
pointer Summer Bingo Card

Download our Summer Acrostic Poem PDF

Summer Acrostic Poem

Acrostic poems are a great way to do some creative writing. What kind of poems can kids create using the letters in SUMMER?

pointer Summer Acrostic Poem

Download our Summer Mad Libs PDF

Summer Mad Libs

Who doesn’t love a silly game of Mad Libs? This game will develop kids’ knowledge of parts of speech, too!

pointer Summer Mad Libs

Download our Summer Reading Tracker PDF

Summer Reading Tracker

Here’s a simple tracker for kids to keep track of the books and minutes they read this summer. There’s a column to rate each book from 1-5, too!

pointer Summer Reading Tracker

Download our Summer Rhyming Words PDF

Summer Rhyming Words

With this activity, kids develop their phonics skills by matching summer-themed rhyming words.

pointer Summer Rhyming Words

Download our Summer Writing Prompts PDF

Summer Writing Prompts

Here’s a great list of writing prompts that will keep kids busy all summer long.

pointer Summer Writing Prompts


More Resources


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Get Splat-o-nym on your iPad!

Splat-o-Nym Vocabulary App

Learning new words has never been so much fun! Download the Splat-o-Nym vocabulary app for the iPad, which keeps kids entertained while boosting their vocabulary. Kids can try a free version of this game or purchase to get the full experience. Note that this app is only available for iPads, not smartphones or other devices.

pointer Splat-o-Nym Vocabulary iPad App


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