The Ideal Phonics Solution for Beginning Readers

Aligned with the Science of Reading, this motivating program is an ideal way to teach phonics easily and effectively. GATE+ includes activities for phonemic awareness, decoding, spelling, high-frequency words, reading connected text, and more. This program builds essential phonemic awareness and phonics skills while also developing fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. It provides explicit, systematic phonics instruction that is easy for teachers and engaging for students.

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Direct Instruction in all 5 Components of Reading

GATE+ focuses on phonemic awareness and phonics but provides direct instruction in all 5 essential components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

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Easy to Teach

The detailed teacher script with easy-to-follow instructional routines makes it easy for any teacher or para-educator to deliver highly effective phonics instruction.

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Aligned with the
Science of Reading

Scientific evidence on how students learn to read is at the heart of every GATE+ activity: segmenting and blending sounds, decodable sentences, high-frequency word instruction, nonfiction stories, comprehension activities, and more!

What's included in your GATE+ order

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Does your phonics program check all these boxes?


Direct, explicit instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics.


Development of all five components of reading, including reading decodable sentences and connected text.


Alignment with the Science of Reading.


An easy to teach format that's fully scripted, ideal for any educator.


Systematic scope and sequence of skills building from simple to complex.


Effective instructional routines that maximize learning.


Adaptability for different group sizes.


Resources for differentiated instruction.


Student accountability measures to ensure mastery.


Comprehensive tools for progress monitoring and assessment.


Built-in professional development to support teachers.


An affordable solution for schools and individual educators.

GATE+ checks them all ...and more!

GATE+ includes a one-of-a-kind flipbook, which features student lessons on one side and a detailed teacher's script on the other. To present the lessons, teachers read from the script and call on the students to respond as prompted. This format makes GATE+ a breeze to teach!  The script uses student-friendly language and was written by reading teachers and phonics experts. It can be used with minimal training by reading interventionists, classroom teachers, para-educators, or even volunteers. An optional PowerPoint slideshow for each lesson makes it easy to customize the program for large or small groups.
pointer GATE+ aligns with IES recommendations for building foundational reading skills.

GATE+ Lesson Flipbook and Digital Download Samples

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Download samples of the Teacher's Lesson Flipbook and Digital Downloads included with Read Naturally GATE+

Download Level 0.8 Sample

Download Level 1.3 Sample

Download Level 1.8 Sample


The three levels of GATE+ are:

  • 0.8, Short Vowel Sounds
  • 1.3, Long Vowel Sounds
  • 1.8, Digraphs, Blends, and Suffixes

Each level of GATE+ includes...

  • The lesson flipbook teaching 24 phonics lessons, each focusing on a different sound or phonics pattern.
  • A PowerPoint slideshow for each lesson.
  • Student booklets with activities for each lesson.
  • Record sheets, progress checks, and assessments for tracking progress.
  • Crossword puzzles and additional activities.
  • A teacher's manual.
  • And more!

Five Stars

"I am using the directed instruction with my below-level second graders. I have seen more than a years growth using this system. We moved through the first level and the students really enjoy the format and the consistency that the patterned method of teaching that GATE provides."
Susan S.

Five Stars

"The students I worked with in a pull-out session showed improvement quickly. The language arts teacher recently said, 'I have never used the program, but I know that it works because they all showed marked improvement! Please keep doing what you're doing!'"
Melanie M.

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