Thousands of students have learned phonics and essential beginning reading skills using Read Naturally GATE (Group And Tutoring Edition). We have spent several months updating this program to be even more powerful! This new-and-improved GATE+ is now shipping—order your copy today!

Here is a summary of the major features and improvements for this product.

Legacy GATE and GATE+ both:

  • Deliver explicit, systematic phonemic awareness and phonics instruction aligned with the Science of Reading.
  • Are designed for beginning and struggling readers who need help in phonics and other foundational reading skills.
  • Are designed to instruct a group of students.
  • Feature 24 lessons per level that address all five components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.
  • Target a first-grade skill level.
  • Target a first-through-third-grade intervention range.
  • Include levels 0.8 (short vowels), 1.3 (long vowels), and 1.8 (blends, digraphs, and inflected endings).
  • Include a unique lesson flipbook with a detailed teacher script and student-facing pages, making the program easy for teachers, paraprofessionals, or volunteers to administer.
  • Include engaging student booklets and activities.
  • Include a Teacher's Guide, assessments, and additional materials.

Updates to GATE+ include the following:

  • Student booklets and additional resources are delivered as digital files teachers can print for ease of use (as opposed to Legacy GATE's blackline masters).
  • Optional PowerPoint slideshows for each lesson (delivered as digital files) enable the program to be used with larger groups.
  • Teacher's Manual is delivered as own booklet (as opposed to being part of the Lesson Flipbook).
  • Numerous updates to the program content, including:
    • Updated activities for explicit phonemic awareness instruction.
    • New section on segmenting sounds into words with a sound box activity.
    • New section featuring decodable sentences.
    • Irregular high-frequency word instruction that draws attention to both regular and irregular sounds that students must learn by heart.
    • Updated and new stories.
    • New explicit vocabulary component.
    • New order of activities to build from decoding practice to fluency practice.
    • New progress check assessments to monitor progress.
    • Updated Science-of-Reading-aligned instruction in every section.
    • Additional activities including bonus word lists for extra practice and enrichment.
    • A complete Comprehension Builder supplemental activity.

Through March 31, 2024, current GATE customers can upgrade to GATE+ for 25% off! Email or call us at 800-788-4085 so we can look up your account and give you your discount.

If you're brand new to GATE, be sure to add GATE+ to your beginning reading toolkit. You'll be so glad you did!

Check out this short video to see all that's included in GATE+: