Read Live Release Notes


Read Live v. One Minute Reader Live release and Distance Learning Enhancements

Released March 2021


What's New in This Release

The Read Live release includes One Minute Reader® Live, an independent supplemental reading program for developing readers. Students with access to One Minute Reader Live access it after logging into Read Live. This new component of Read Live is available to all licensed Read Live users at no additional cost. 

The release also includes enhancements to Read Live's Distance Learning features. The changes include a new Team feature that allows Read Live Assistants to work with students on the Waiting List.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you see a blank page when opening Read Live after this release, you may need to clear your browser's cache



The new One Minute Reader Live application helps developing readers build their literacy skills with structured support, motivation, and FUN!

  • Students work independently by selecting their own books and stories. Students can move between stories before completing each story. Not locked to one story, students can read content that interests them while still benefiting from a structured program.
  • Teachers are not required for students to progress and complete stories. Students can move through content at their own pace without any required intervention in each story.
  • A game-like scoring system keeps students engaged and working to improve. Progress graphs provide immediate positive feedback and drive continued motivation.
  • One Minute Reader Live is packed with interesting, non-fiction stories that engage readers with fascinating information. Stories feature natural wonders, cool creatures, fun festivals, and much more! One Minute Reader Live released with:
    • Six levels
    • 24 books
    • 120 stories
    • a bonus Did you know? trivia page after each book
    • a new visual style to keep independent readers engaged
  • Teaches students fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, and inference.
  • Available reports allow teachers to follow student progress and trends:
    • Student At-a-Glance
    • Level Summary
    • Book Summary
    • Story Summary
  • Access to the One Minute Reader Live application is assigned through a checkbox on the Student Details page of the Staff Module, just like access to Word Warm-ups Live.
  • Any student with a Read Live license can be assigned access to One Minute Reader Live at no additional cost. See the Read Live User Guide for instructions on how to give students access to the new application.

This release also includes Distance Learning enhancements, including:

  • A new Team feature, allowing Read Live Assistants to help students on the Waiting List:
    • Each Teacher, School Coordinator, or Account Administrator can have one team of Read Live Assistants. Assistants can belong to more than one team.
    • Whenever a staff member becomes the Lead Teacher for a student, any Read Live Assistants on that staff member's team gain Waiting List access to that student. 
    • Read Live Assistants can open the Waiting List using a link on their home page, or through the Staff Module's navigation menu.
    • Any Read Live Assistants who are not on a Team, including students' parents, can still help students at their workstations as before.
    • See the Read Live User Guide for more information about setting up and using the Team feature.
  • The ability to turn recording features in Read Naturally Live on and off has been added at both the account and the student level.
    Account Administrators can enable or disable recording features for all students in their account on the Account & School Administration page of the Staff Module.
    Individual students' ability to record can be set using the Story Options in either the Student or the Staff Module.
  • A counter on the Waiting List tile displaying the number of waiting students for whom the logged-in user is the Lead Teacher.
    Note: the students on the waiting list still include all waiting students at a staff member's school. The count on the tile includes only those for whom the user is Lead Teacher.
  • A new Current Step column on the Waiting List and Read Naturally Live pages of the Staff Member Module, displaying where each student is in her or his current story.
  • The Login button on the Waiting List and Read Naturally Live pages now appears in red whenever a student is currently logged into Read Live. This cue is meant to aid communication when Login As is used to score readings for remote students.

System Requirements

Read Live’s minimum software requirements have not changed with the release of One Minute Reader Live. See the full list of current system requirements.

If students hear no audio or see "Connection Lost" messages in the new One Minute Reader Live application, you may need to ask your Information Technology department to ensure that some URLs are allowed through your Web/Firewall filter

New Read Live iPad app

The Read Naturally Live iPad app has been updated along with the release. It is not necessary to update the app immediately, but printing features will not function without the new version.

  • The name of the app has been changed to Read Live, reflecting the availability of multiple component applications under the same Read Live license. 
  • Without updating, iPad users will not be able to print from the student application, but the rest of the application will function. 
  • NOTE: If iPad users see a blank page when logging out of One Minute Reader Live, it may be necessary to remove the existing app and install the new Read Live one. 

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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