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Read Live: Clearing your web browser’s cache


Read Naturally notifies you when updates to Read Live have been released. Whenever updates are released, you should clear the web browser's cache (not History) on each workstation.

Also, if you experience any unusual problems in Read Live, they can often be resolved by clearing the web browser’s cache.

Another tip for general troubleshooting or if you receive an "unexpected problem" message is to try pressing Ctrl+F5 (reload page and override cache) while on the login page. In some instances, pressing F5 (reload page) to refresh the page will resolve an error or other odd behavior.

How to clear a web browser's cache

The following article explains how to clear a web browser's cache for different browsers supported by Read Live. Note that not all of the browsers listed in this article are supported for use with Read Live.
pointer wikiHow: How to Clear Your Browser's Cache

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