Teacher Appreciation Week officially begins on May 8. Let's celebrate with a bunch of free resources for you. These resources include phonics games, vocabulary exercises, cue cards to help emerging readers with visually confusing letters, a system for mastering the most frequently misspelled words, and more--all free!

These free resources were developed by the teachers here at Read Naturally not only as helpful tools for your classroom, but also as tokens of our appreciation for you and all the hard work you do. Click on the links below to access and download all that will be useful to you. Enjoy!

  • We created a bunch of free phonics games for you this year, and teachers couldn't get enough! These five phonics games work well for Kindergarten through second grade students, but can be modified for older students as well.
  • Celebrate the season with our free spring printables, which include colorable bookmarks, word game worksheets, a spring scavenger hunt, a springtime bucket list, and much more!
  • This fun Sketching Vocabulary Words exercise is a research-based way to help students solidify the meanings of new vocabulary words. 
  • This system for helping students master frequently misspelled words, as well as a handy list of the 100 most frequently misspelled words across eight grade levels, is a big hit with teachers. Let's get them spelling those words correctly, once and for all!
  • This clever cue card system helps emerging readers master visually confusing letters such as b, d, and p.
  • Our New Printables--Part 1 blog post links to a bunch of free resources to enhance your Read Live or Encore program, including printable labels with story titles, a weekly story tracker, a list for recording difficult words, and blank graphs to fill in.
  • The Part 1 blog post was such a hit, we also came out with New Printables--Part 2, which includes student surveys, printable stickers, a "story title scramble" activity, and more printable labels.
  • Free glossaries containing student-friendly, illustrated definitions of the challenging words in all Encore stories help students retain the meanings of new words.
  • Free crossword puzzles corresponding to all Encore and Read Naturally Live levels enhance students' vocabulary even more. 
  • Word Sorts reinforce and review the spelling patterns taught in our Signs for Sounds spelling program. Click here for the free Signs for Sounds 1 word sort. Click here for the free Signs for Sounds 2 word sort. 
  • Finally, teachers have been thrilled to learn that ALL students in Read Live can use One Minute Reader Live for free over the summer. Read this blog post for all the information you need to set it up. We also have a free webinar recording about this topic.

We hope you find these resources as useful as we do! As always, please reach out if there is anything we can do to support you. Also, be sure to follow us on social media for fun giveaways and teacher appreciation posts all week!

Did you know you can try Read Live with as many students as you'd like FREE for 60 days? This will give you complete access to all four curriculum options included with Read Live: Read Naturally LiveWord Warm-ups LiveOne Minute Reader Live, and Read Naturally Live—Español.

Also check out a free trial of our One Minute Reader Home program--perfect for summer reading!