Teacher Appreciation Week officially begins next week. Let's kick it off a little early with a bunch of free resources for you. These resources include vocabulary exercises, cue cards to help emerging readers with visually confusing letters, a system for mastering the most frequently misspelled words, and more--all free!

These resources were developed by teachers, for teachers. Click on the links below to access and download them:

  • This Sketching Vocabulary Words exercise helps your students solidify the meanings of new vocabulary words. 
  • Glossaries containing student-friendly, illustrated definitions of the challenging words in all Encore and Read Naturally Live stories help students retain the meanings of new words.
  • Crossword puzzles corresponding to all Encore and Read Naturally Live levels enhance students' vocabulary even more. 
  • This system for helping students master frequently misspelled words, as well as a handy list of the 100 most frequently misspelled words across eight grade levels, is a big hit with teachers. Let's get them spelling those words correctly, once and for all!
  • This clever cue card system helps emerging readers master visually confusing letters such as b, d, and p.
  • Word Sorts reinforce and review the spelling patterns taught in our Signs for Sounds spelling program. Click here for the Signs for Sounds 1 word sort. Click here for the Signs for Sounds 2 word sort. 

We hope you find these resources as useful as we do! As always, please reach out if there is anything we can do to support you.