Gratitude Resources

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Research shows that grateful people are happier and healthier. Cultivate gratitude, boost literacy, and have fun at the same time with these free printable worksheets and more.

Download our Gratitude BINGO PDF

Gratitude BINGO

Your students will love Gratitude BINGO! Print as many BINGO cards as you'd like, and see the instructions for how to play. You can have students fill out their own BINGO cards or fill them out yourself with the interactive PDF.

pointer Gratitude BINGO Instructions

pointer Gratitude BINGO Cards (Interactive PDF)

Download our Gratitude Scavenger Hunt PDF

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is a great way for students to get to know and appreciate their classmates. Use the worksheet provided, or make your own using the interactive PDF.

pointer Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

pointer Make Your Own Gratitude Scavenger Hunt (Interactive PDF)

Download our Gratitude Cards PDF

Gratitude Cards

Keep a stack of these Gratitude Cards in your classroom. Anytime a student has someone to thank, encourage them to fill out a card!

pointer Gratitude Cards

Download our Gratitude Book List PDF

Gratitude Book List

The books on this list are all about giving thanks. Whether you're looking for picture books to read aloud to younger students or chapter books that inspire reflection in your older students, this list has dozens of fantastic titles for your classroom or school library.

pointer Gratitude Book List

Download our Gratitude Conversation Starters PDF

Gratitude Conversation Starters

Sometimes the simplest questions can lead to the most profound answers. Use these conversation starters to prompt thoughtful discussions amongst your students. Take the time to discuss these topics in your classroom, send the list home, or use the conversation starters as writing prompts. 

pointer Gratitude Conversation Starters

Download our Gratitude Tree Activity PDF

Gratitude Tree Activity

Decorate your classroom with a Gratitude Tree. Create the tree by drawing branches on a poster board or by standing real twigs in a pot or vase. Have students write their gratitudes on the leaf cards and add them to the tree. Hopefully you'll be adding branches all year long as your students think of more and more reasons to give thanks.

pointer Gratitude Tree Leaf Cards

13 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude in Your Classroom

This document describes 13 easy ways to cultivate gratitude in your classroom all year long. It describes the various activities and links to all corresponding free printables.

pointer 13 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

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