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Deliver results for striving readers of all ages with evidence-based intervention solutions on a web-based platform. Read Live provides complete access to both Read Naturally Live and Word Warm-ups Live in a simple and effective format.

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Easily adaptable for blended and distance learning.

Read Live is well-suited to providing an effective reading intervention in classroom, blended learning, and distance-learning models. It can easily be modified for different situations and can be used anywhere students have internet access and an appropriate device.

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Read Live’s unique features make it ideal for remote instruction.

  • Students work mostly independently only needing support on pass activities
  • Educators can adjust story options to customize the experience for various situations
  • Parents or volunteers can easily be trained to conduct student pass activities

Comprehensive distance-learning resources.

A comprehensive set of resources is available to help you get the most out of Read Live in a variety of different situations and learning models. Detailed support articles for setting up, communicating with parents, using screen-sharing tools, completing pass activities, monitoring student progress, and more are available in our Knowledgebase.
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Watch this webinar video about using Read Live in a distance-learning model.

Learn how easy it is to adapt Read Live for distance learning.

“I use Read Live with my students. They complete all but the hot read at home on their own. When they are ready, I log in as them and share my screen on a zoom meeting to complete the hot read with them. It has been very successful. It has been helpful to the students to be able to continue this practice at home, so they do not lose all the progress they were making while we were using it at school.”

— Special Education Teacher, Maryland

Available anytime, anywhere.

Compatible with Windows, Macs, Chromebooks, and iPads, Read Live can support your students when and where they need it, inside and outside the classroom. Excellent for intervention groups in a computer-lab setting, mobile cart breakout groups, distance learning, and a variety of other instructional models. Read Live is also compatible with Single Sign-On options for ClassLink, Clever, and Google Classroom.
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Avalable anytime, anywhere

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