As a web-based program, Read Live is ideally suited for use in a distance learning model. Of course, nothing can replace the learning that happens when students interact personally with their teacher. However, there are times when distance learning is the best, or only, option.

Teachers can set up Read Live so that students access their lessons from any iPad or computer. Students work through the independent steps of the program on their own, and collaborate with the teacher on the steps requiring teacher involvement. Together, the teacher and the student determine the combination that works best for each learner.

After being assigned a reading level and goal by the teacher, students can work mostly independently until the teacher is needed to determine whether the student has met the requirements for passing the lesson. Parents can be enlisted in supporting the student’s use of the program at home. And technologies such as screen sharing, remote desktop control, and even webcam video can all help facilitate the successful use of Read Naturally Live outside of a traditional classroom. Finally, Read Live reports can be reviewed to determine student progress and adjust levels and goals as needed.

If your school is not currently using Read Live, sign up for a free 60-day trial. Then, use these easy-to-follow steps to get your students up and running with Read Live quickly and successfully.

  1. Set up your account and add students.
  2. Place students.
  3. Teach students to use the program.
  4. For greater student independence, adjust Story Options to allow students to perform the Cold Timing step without teacher being required.
  5. For the final Pass step and/or ongoing support of the student, use a program like Zoom, Google Remote Desktop, or other applications your school or district may already be using for students who use technology outside of the classroom. Applications should allow for remote control of the student’s computer. For more information, see our Knowledgebase article on this topic.
  6. You can also enter parents as Read Live Assistants allowing them to conduct timings, choose remedial actions, and pass stories.
  7. Use Read Live reports to monitor student progress and adjust students’ levels and goals.

We know this sudden transition to distance learning is unprecedented territory for most students and teachers. When used well, however, this approach can allow teachers to stay connected and continue student progress outside of the traditional classroom setting. We realize, too, that there are other challenges that students and families face before being ready to begin this journey. We hope this distance learning checklist, by Minnesota-based eLearning specialists Dashe & Thomson, helps you better prepare for this new method of teaching and learning.