Unexpected school closures are difficult for educators, parents, and students. It’s especially stressful under the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation. We understand the difficulty you’re facing, and we are available to support you however we can.

Read Live does allow for students to continue working outside of school. You can enter parents as Read Live Assistants allowing them to conduct timings, choose remedial actions, and pass stories. See this support topic for detailed instruction on Using Read Live at Home

It’s important for students to know their account ID, user ID, and password as well as the address for the Read Live login page (https://readlive.readnaturally.com). Parents will also need the Read Live Assistant login information to conduct timings and pass activities. For security reasons, please do not give them your own username and password.

There are several resources you can share with parents to help them be successful:

The Students’ Guide to Read Naturally Live video series is a great resource to share with parents. Although designed to teach students how to use the program, it can serve as a quick and efficient way to inform parents of the steps of the program and expectations for students during each stage.

Hopefully, this option can help you keep students working during these unexpected school closures. Please feel free to contact us if you need support. We’re available and happy to help

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