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Read Naturally Live: Completing the Pass step


In the Pass step, a teacher, another staff member, or a Read Live assistant checks to see if students have met the pass requirements for the story. To pass, students must:

  • Reach their reading-rate goals when reading the story.
  • Make three or fewer errors when reading the story.
  • Read the story with expression.
  • Answer the quiz questions correctly.
  • Meet expectations for retelling the story or, for students in the Phonics series, read the word lists down and across within the specified time and with three or fewer errors.
Step 1: Conduct a hot timing.
  1. On the Pass/More Practice or Pass/Wordtastic page, click Conduct Pass Activities.
  2. Log in by entering your user ID and password and clicking Log In. For security purposes, never share your user ID and password with students.
  3. On the Pass/Hot Timing step, ask the student to click Start Timing.
  4. As the student reads, listen and count the number of errors.
  5. Either:
    • If the bell sounds, click the last word read when the timer expired.
    • If the student finishes the story before the bell sounds, click Finished.
  6. Enter the number of words the student missed.
  7. Rate the student's expression. The expression score indicates how well the student used expression while reading the story. The student must receive an expression score of 2 or higher to pass the story. Ratings range from 1 to 4. In the software, click the icon next to the expression box to see the rating scale.
  8. Click Next to continue.
  9. On the Pass/Hot Timing Graph step, view the student's cold- and hot-timing results.
  10. Click Next to continue.
Step 2: Correct the quiz.
  1. On the Pass/Grade Quiz step, review the student's answer(s) to the open-ended question(s).
  2. Click See correct answer to view a suggested answer for the question displayed.
  3. Indicate whether each answer is correct (click Yes) or incorrect (click No).
  4. Click Next to continue.
Step 3: Correct the retelling or conduct the Phonics word list pass timing.

Students working in series other than Phonics retell each story.

  1. On the Pass/Grade Retell step, review the student's work. Your requirements for the Retell step will vary based on the student's age and ability. For example, you may require older or more advanced students to write a summary with a main idea and supporting details.
  2. Indicate whether the student's retelling met your expectations (click Yes) or not (click No).
  3. Click Next to continue.

Students working in the Phonics series complete a word list pass timing.

  1. On the Pass/Word List step, ask the student to click Start Timing.
  2. As the student reads the words, listen and count the number of errors.
  3. When the student finishes reading the words down the columns, the student clicks Finished.
  4. When the student finishes reading the words across the rows, the student clicks Finished again.
  5. Enter the number of words the student missed.
  6. Click Next to continue.
Step 4: Review student work.
  1. On the Pass/Review Work Story Details page, look under the Pass heading to see the student's pass results. Next to each item, a star or X appears. A star indicates the student met the requirement. An X indicates the student has not met that requirement.
  2. To review the details for a particular step, scroll to the detailed results for that step.
  3. Click Fluency Graph, Comprehension Graph, and Retell Graph or Word List Graph to see the student's scores graphed for all completed stories in the level.
  4. Click Next to continue.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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