Over the past year, we’ve added three new curriculum options and developed several new features to better support distance learning with Read Live. We’ve also updated content, added support for Google (G Suite) for Education, and developed more resources for training and support. Read Live is better than ever!

We recently presented a retrospective overview of the new updates, programs, and features. Watch the recording of Read Live Recap and What's Ahead.

Here are brief descriptions of the major improvements and new programs added this past year. Follow the links below for more detailed information.

Systematic Phonics Instruction

Word Warm-ups Live builds mastery and automaticity in phonics and decoding with systematic phonics instruction that teaches students to decode and encode words easily. Audio-supported lessons for teaching phonics allow for individualization and enable students to work independently. In June 2020 we introduced Level 1 of Word Warm-ups Live, which includes access to 69 exercises in nine sections. Each section has six to nine exercises and focuses on phonics intervention for different phonics elements. We plan to add Level 2, which focuses on two- and three-syllable words, in the coming school year.

Independent, Supplemental Reading Program

One Minute Reader Live transforms independent reading time into an exciting, guided reading experience. Interesting short passages, motivating graphs, and fun joke jumbles engage students as they develop fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. One Minute Reader Live was introduced in March of 2021 with six levels. Each level includes four books with five nonfiction stories organized around a specific theme. Additional content will be added over time.

Spanish-Language Version of Read Naturally Live

Read Naturally Live—Español helps multilingual readers develop Spanish literacy skills and fluency. Spanish-speaking students can use the program before or while learning to read in English. It can also be used to help English-speaking students learn to read in Spanish. Levels 1.0-2.5 were released in January, and we have already extended that content up to level 4.5.

Student Training Guides

Student Training Videos are now available for each Read Live program. You can utilize these video series to teach your students how to use the program effectively. After watching the student narrator demonstrate the process, students log in and complete the steps themselves.

Free, Self-Paced Online Training Courses

Read Naturally’s Online Courses for Teachers are interactive, self-paced professional development courses for educators. Designed for individual or group use, our Online Courses connect course materials to real-world practice in Read Naturally programs. Each course includes a series of lessons and short webinars that will help you thoroughly understand how to implement Read Live programs with your students.

Distance Learning Features

Read Live is well-suited to providing an effective reading intervention in classroom, blended learning, and distance-learning models. It can easily be modified for different situations and can be used anywhere students have internet access and an appropriate device.

A Waiting List page in the Staff Member Module displays students who need a teacher's help to continue working on their stories. Read Live's recording features allow students to save hot timings recordings during the Pass step of each story. Teachers can also use the Login As feature to open a session as a specific student and more easy complete pass activities remotely. We’ve also added the Team feature which lets any Lead Teacher share access to students on the Waiting List with a set of Read Live Assistants.

Visit the Read Live User Guide for details on all the Distance Learning Tools included with Read Live.

What’s Ahead for Read Live

We have made major improvements to Read Live in the past year and are planning even more enhancements for the coming school year. We’ll be adding more content for the new programs, improving data management and student access, and adding more support resources. Read Live is better than ever and getting better all the time!

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