All Read Live users are now operating in Read Live version 2.1—our best version yet! This version includes many helpful updates and utilizes the most current web technologies. 

Key updates for Read Live 2.1 include…

  • Removal of all Adobe Flash® technology. Removing Flash improves Read Live’s security rating and ensures Read Live will not be impacted as web browsers further reduce their support of Flash Player.
  • A freshened look, improved navigation, and better responsiveness to changes in screen resolution for the Staff Member Module.
  • Simplified licensing. Licenses no longer need to be distributed to staff members before being assigned to students.
  • Roles are simplified, making it easier to add new staff members. The little-used Data Entry role has been eliminated; other roles have been combined or renamed.
  • Most reports and documents printed from Read Live no longer contend with popup blockers.
  • The Students At-a-Glance report is now downloadable in CSV format, viewable in Microsoft Excel®.
  • The concept of homeroom teachers has been replaced with the concept of homerooms. Accounts no longer need to enroll multiple staff members who aren't really using Read Live just for the sake of grouping students into homerooms. Restricting access to just those who are working in the program helps protect student privacy.
  • Imports of student data now must be scheduled and will take place during off-peak hours. Moving intensive activities like importing to off-peak hours will improve system performance and stability for the entire community of Read Live users.
  • Miscellaneous issues reported since the previous Read Live release have been fixed.
  • The Read Naturally Live iPad app has been updated. Head to the app store and install the latest version of the app at your earliest convenience. This version includes minor fixes.

Here are some things to be aware of as you access Read Live 2.1 for the first time:

  • The first time you log into the Staff Member Module, you will need to enter your account ID on the Login page. After your first login, the software will once again remember your account ID.
  • If you have set a browser bookmark/favorite to the Read Live Staff Member Login page, you will need to recreate that bookmark, as the address for the Read Live Staff Member Module has changed with this release. You can get to the new Staff Member Login page by going to and clicking the Staff Member link. Note that the Student Login page address remains unchanged.
  • If you run into any issues, try clearing your browser’s cache to alleviate any anomalies that might have occurred during the transition.
  • In-progress stories were reset as a part of transitioning to the new software. If you did not receive or act on our communications prior to the release, your students may have lost work when their in-progress stories were reset. We sincerely regret any frustration this may have caused. If this happened to your students, here are some options to ease the pain:
    - If the student hadn't gotten too far along, you may suggest that the student work on other stories before returning to the reset story.
    - If the student hadn’t gotten to the Pass step yet, change the student’s Story Options to turn off steps that the student had already completed (for example, the Key Words,  Prediction, Cold Timing, and Read Along), and have the student re-do the same story. Turning off steps enables the student to move through the story more quickly. After the student completes the reset story, though, remember to turn all steps back on, or the student will not get the full benefit of the program.
    - If the student had almost finished the story, you might want to have the student work on all the other stories in the level, and then manually advance the student to the next level without having to re-do the reset story.

Additional information can be found on the Read Live Help page, where we have updated Read Live videos, including one with an orientation to the new software. And if you need a full list of current system requirements, click here.

If you have questions or concerns about Read Live 2.1, please contact Read Naturally via email or call us at 800-788-4085. We are working to continually improve Read Live and ensure an outstanding experience for you and your students.