If you’re on Facebook, you’re all too familiar with the high that comes from receiving a “like” on one of your posts. Researchers have suggested that this quick hit of dopamine in our brains can be as addicting as the most powerful drugs.

We aren’t addicted to likes (or drugs!) here at Read Naturally, thank goodness. But we do know that likes are a good way to measure the appeal of a post. We use this data to figure out how to give our Facebook followers more of the content they want and less of the content they don’t.

Each week, we post articles relevant to our mission of helping students succeed. Some of these articles were written by us and posted to our blog. Others were written by reporters or experts in the field. These articles contain what we’ve deemed to be interesting and valuable information from relevant sources. If you come across an article that fits with this goal, please tag us!  

In case you missed them, here are some articles that have resonated with many of our Facebook followers this summer:

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