Thousands of students and teachers have been using Read Live in a distance-learning model with great success—and Read Live has continued to improve to meet their needs. We have made several enhancements to support Read Live’s use in a distance-learning model. Check out our distance-learning videos to see these new features in action!

Distance-learning features include:

  • The ability for students to record their hot timings so that they may complete the Pass step without a teacher present. Teachers can then listen to and score the recordings at a convenient time. It is also often beneficial for students to listen to their own recordings.
  • A Waiting List feature that enables teachers to see a list of students who are on a step that requires a teacher. This way, the teacher knows which students to attend to and when.
  • A Login As tool that allows the teacher to login as the student, share the screen, and then conduct a live hot timing as though the teacher and student were working side-by-side.

Don’t miss our videos of these features: