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Read Live Story Updates - August 6, 2018

Released August 2018


August 6, 2018:  Content Update 

An update to some Read Live stories was rolled out August 6, 2018.  In addition to many fixes and minor revisions, several stories (listed below) were replaced or revised in a major way. Students who had these particular stories in progress at the time of the update will see the new story the next time they log in; they will not have an opportunity to finish the original story.  We apologize for this inconvenience. 

IMPORTANT: If one of your students did have one of the stories below in progress on August 6, reset that story and ask the student to start over. If the images or audio for the old story continues to appear, you may need to clear the browser's cache

To reset a story:
  1. Go to the Read Live Home page (
  2. Click Staff Member.
  3. On the Staff Member Login page, enter your account ID, teacher user ID, and password.
  4. On the Students tab, click the Read Naturally Live link.
  5. Find the student in the list, and click the Reset link in the student’s row.
  6. Reset the “in progress” story.

Stories replaced or with significant changes

Level Original Title New Title
Phonics 1.3a Big Cats with Manes Wild Cats with Manes
Phonics 2.7b The African Gnu The Wildebeest
Sequenced 1.5 A Circus Kayaks
Sequenced 1.5 Trains Trips on Tracks
Sequenced 2.0 George Washington Carver A Human Computer
Sequenced 2.0 Leap Year An Extra Day
Sequenced 2.0 Dolphins Bottlenose Dolphins
Sequenced 2.5 Firewalking The Feat of Firewalking
Sequenced 2.5 Killer Bees Fantastic Fliers
Sequenced 2.5 Tasmanian Devil Dedicated Doctor
Sequenced 4.5 Loch Ness Monster Nessie
Sequenced 4.5 Diana Nyad Super Swimmer
Sequenced 5.0 Sure Shot Practical Packaging
Sequenced 5.6 The Race from Coast to Coast Canaries in Coal Mines




Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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