1. What’s the difference between Read Naturally Encore and Read Naturally Masters Edition (ME)?

Read Naturally Encore is the newest edition of the Read Naturally strategy in the Print/CD format—available in the Sequenced and Phonics series. 

Read Naturally Masters Edition (ME) is an earlier version in the Print/CD format and continues to offer series for specific audiences—Spanish, Idioms, and American Manners & Customs series.

2. Why are there three separate recordings of each story (on three separate tracks) on the audio CD?

The audio CDs for the Read Naturally Encore and Read Naturally Masters Edition include three recordings of each story.  The first track is the rate at which the story was originally recorded.  The second track is 7.5 percent faster than the original, and the third track is 15 percent faster then the original.

These rate increases allow the student to read along with the second and third recordings at slightly faster rates—which is appropriate, since the material becomes more familiar and students read more fluently with each reading.  

3. In the Read Naturally Masters Edition, what is the "R" for after levels 3.5, 4.5, and 7.0?

These three levels were revised from their original versions. In 1999, a number of the stories in the ME Sequenced levels 3.5 and 4.5 were either modified or replaced. Many Read Naturally users had the original versions, so the revised versions were named 3.5R and 4.5R to avoid confusion. 

In 2004, in ME Sequenced level 7.0, the planet stories were replaced with new stories. The revised level 7.0R also features paired stories and additional comparison questions.

4. Can I use the reproducible masters without the audio CDs, and have students read along with me as I read the story?

Some teachers use the reproducible masters of the stories without using the audio CDs, usually in one-on-one tutoring sessions or with a small group. Instead of reading along with the audio CDs, the students read along as the teacher reads the story.

Although students can receive some benefit by reading along with the teacher, reading along with the audio CDs has many advantages:

  • The audio CDs feature professional recordings of the stories at rates that have been strategically selected at each level for struggling readers. The teacher may not read the stories at each level at the optimum rate.
  • Even if a group starts out being homogeneous (e.g., placed at the same Read Naturally level and goal), it is only natural that some students will progress faster than others over time. So, more advanced students may be held back to accommodate struggling students who may need more time to pass a story. On the other hand, when a student works independently, that student can work at his or her appropriate level and goal. This ensures that a student is appropriately challenged—which will accelerate progress.
  • A student’s motivation increases when that student works at his or her own pace, not locked into the pace of a group.
  • Letting students work independently with the audio CDs puts them in charge of their learning, which can keep them engaged and motivated.
  • If the students are working mostly independently (reading along with the audio CDs), the teacher is available to do the Cold Timing and Pass steps with individual students.

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