Read Naturally Programs at Home

Using Read Naturally Programs at Home and Curricula for Homeschool

​​Read Naturally’s intervention programs are designed to be used in a traditional school setting, but our programs can also support literacy development at home. Whether you are a parent seeking to supplement your child’s classroom education at home or a parent committed to a homeschool model, Read Naturally wants to support you in your efforts to develop confident, competent readers.

Supplementing at Home with One Minute Reader

One Minute Reader is perfect for struggling and developing readers of all ages. This fully independent program does not require teacher involvement, so it is ideal for students to use at home. It provides audio-supported reading practice and allows readers to work at their own pace in an appropriate level of material. One Minute Reader guides readers through the motivating steps of the program and tracks their progress. Readers develop fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills while expanding their knowledge and having FUN!

One Minute Reader includes six reading levels (E–5) ranging from beginning reader through fifth grade. A simple placement test is available to help determine the right content level for each reader. A reader logs into One Minute Reader and begins by selecting a book theme and then a story based on personal interest. Self-selection deepens the student’s investment in the story. Audio support guides the student through a series of steps. The reader earns points by completing various activities.

  1. Cold Read​: The reader starts the timer and reads for one minute. A graph displays the reader’s cold-timing score, establishing a baseline for progress monitoring that motivates the student to improve.
  2. Read Along: The reader quietly reads along with a recording of the story, typically three times. This helps the reader learn new words and learn proper pronunciation, expression, and phrasing.
  3. Read Alone: The reader practices reading the story independently until they can read it accurately and with expression. This helps the student improve fluency, master difficult words, and understand the story.
  4. Quiz & Joke Jumble: The reader answers questions about the story. The correct answers to the questions help to solve the book’s Joke Jumble.

At the end of each story, a Story Summary Report shows the results for one story—how much improvement the student made and how well the student answered the quiz questions. When all of the stories in a book are complete, a Book Summary Report shows results for the five stories in that book.

Read Live as Homework

Students who work in Read Live at school may have the option to use Read Live programs outside of school as well. The teacher will provide details about how to support your student working in this program at home. There are several considerations to this arrangement, and we suggest you discuss with your teacher about what is best for your student.

Read Naturally Curricula for Homeschool Implementation

In addition to One Minute Reader, most of our programs are well suited for one-on-one instruction in a homeschool model. It is important to note that Read Naturally’s programs are supplemental, targeted intervention programs, not core reading curriculum.

Because our primary audience is typically classroom teachers, schools, and school districts, our programs are packaged and priced to suit larger implementations. So, we encourage homeschool families to work with homeschool cooperatives or charter schools to purchase our programs.


Web-Based Program

Print-Based Materials

  • Read Naturally Encore: The print/CD version of our flagship fluency program, purchased by level, for $135/level.
  • Read Naturally GATE: Small-group instruction to teach phonemic awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, and fluency, purchased by the level, for $159/level.
  • Word Warm-ups: A quick, timed, independent phonics intervention program that builds automaticity in phonics and decoding, purchased by the level, for $169/level.
  • Take Aim! At Vocabulary: Teaches the meaning of high-utility words and helps students develop lifelong strategies for learning new words, purchased by the level, for $269/level.
  • Signs for Sounds: Small group or individual instruction to teach regular phonetic spelling patterns and high-frequency words through spelling, purchased by the level, for $75/level.
  • Funēmics: This scripted curriculum teaches phonemic awareness to small groups of pre-readers or struggling readers, purchased by the level, for $185/level.


Read Naturally has extensive training available for free, directly from our website. Visit the product pages on our website for specific how-to resources, or explore our knowledgebase for videos, webinars, and user guides. Free on-demand, online courses are available for Read Naturally Live, Word Warm-ups Live, and One Minute Reader Live.


Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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