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Read Naturally Live/Encore II Alignment to Lexile Measures


All Read Naturally Live and Read Naturally Encore II passages correlate to the Lexile text measure guidelines.1 In addition, Read Naturally stories are grouped by level and the levels are sequenced so that the text complexity gradually increases as the student moves to higher levels. The stories in the lower levels are shorter and easier to understand, the ideas are explicitly stated, and the vocabulary is familiar. At each successive level, the stories become longer and more complex. The ideas require more inference, and the vocabulary is more sophisticated. Use the following tables to see the gradually increasing difficulty of the Read Naturally levels, as shown by the number of words in each level and the Lexile text measures.

Quantitative Measures of Text Difficulty of Read Naturally Live and Read Naturally Encore II

Sequenced Series
Level Word Count Lexile Text Measure Lexile "Stretch" Band1
1.0 1733 230L 190L to 530L
1.5 2415 350L
2.0 3046 550L 420L to 650L
2.5 3826 560L
3.0 4605 630L 520L to 820L
3.5 4874 720L
4.0 5041 780L 740L to 940L
4.5 5057 830L
5.0 5787 860L 830L to 1010L
5.6 8264 940L
6.0 9276 970L 925L to 1070L
7.0 9574 1070L 970L to 1120L
8.0 10468 1190L 1010L to 1185L
Phonics Series
Level Word Count Lexile Text Measure Lexile "Stretch" Band1
0.8 1261 230L 190L to 530L
1.3 2052 380L
1.8 2810 430L 420L to 650L
2.3 3503 500L
2.6 3693 570L 520L to 820L
2.7 3861 580L

1Grade bands reflect the 2012 revised Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts (published in 2012).

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