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Read Naturally Live: Resetting stories that experience an "unexpected problem" message



Students who started a story in Read Naturally Live before August 9, 2017, and then continued working in that story on or after August 9th, may receive an "unexpected problem" message at some point during that story. If your student receives an "unexpected problem" message, you may need to reset that student’s story.


After a new version of Read Live was released on Wednesday, August 9, 2017, a few students have encountered issues on stories that were started but not finished before August 9. 

To reset a story:
  1. Go to the Read Live Home page (
  2. Click Staff Member.
  3. On the Staff Member Login page, enter your account ID, teacher user ID, and password.
  4. On the Students tab, click the Read Naturally Live link.
  5. Find the student in the list, and click the Reset link in the student’s row.
  6. Reset the “in progress” story.
Easing student frustration 

We understand that students become frustrated if they have to redo work, and that makes it hard on their teachers. We sincerely regret that we have been the cause of any student frustration. If you have to reset a student’s story, here are some options to ease the pain:

  • If the student hasn't gotten too far along, you may suggest that the student work on other stories before returning to the reset story.
  • If the student hasn’t gotten to the Pass step yet, reset the story and then change the student’s Story Options to turn off steps that the student has already completed (for example, the Key Words, Prediction, Cold Timing, and Read Along), and have the student re-do the same story. Turning off steps enables the student to move through the story more quickly. After the student completes the reset story, though, remember to turn all steps back on, or the student will not get the full benefit of the program.
  • If the student had almost finished the story, you might want to have the student work on all the other stories in the level, and then manually advance the student to the next level without having to re-do the reset story.

Please let us know what questions you have so we can assist. For Technical Support, please call us or submit a software support request.

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